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Hautain ?

There was a really high pitched noise in the audio of the beginning (the stuff you recorded outside).
My ears are bleeding, send help.

Pirating/Torrenting is bad. That is it.
Depending on your financial situation it gets worse or a little better.
I own a lot of CDs because I like to own music. Having something in my hands just makes it feel better. Then there are people especially semi-grown ups litteraly saying "I have 120GB of music." a CD are 700MB. Just take that number! 122,880MB devided by 700MB being priced at 20€ are 340€ worth of music.
The calculation is not exact but gives an idea of how much money one person did not spent or used to support producers. In case of really big bands it might be fine if 1/10 pirates it but in case of small bands, that is a lot of money.
Please do anyone a favour and buy music where you can. Or at least support the producer.

Am I the only one that wishes Qain would stop talking? It seems that he talks a lot but doesn't really say anything.

As do you. I like Qain's input on the tek, he and Logan are such a beautiful couple <3

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That opening tho.

Yeah the opening was awesome :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS WEDELL.. please becareful hacking the new BB8 bot! Though, after you do, post a vid :D . well, I'm hoping you got a BB8.

to much to love on the opener of the vid. Logan tring to stay in charactor with accent!! BUt Valid points made. then there was the show. Loved the point counter point between. and yeah, Qain was upest at some of the genuine stupidity presented by internet bloogger boils.

watched twice, so far. Was a great debate, and you could see it within them about piracy, Net nutrality. We're all trying to find the words. We just know it sucks!

wasn't expecting a Tek episode, made my day. thanks guys, was good stuff in there to think about.

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Merry christmas may you feast on bacon and pork

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and all animals I may be blessed to kill while on this wonderful blue ball called earth. until there are none. then, we are the steak. <.< O.O why I has guns!

I know you guys want to post to get views on the YTubes. but me personally, yes tek world just me. I've covered conventions, gov shit, whoa way to much more.. it's stress, Breath in and out. YOu'll get more done when you take the stress off of yourself. and you will produce better content. Pistol don't need to rush edits (she's a good editor) .. you guys don't need to push for shots and dialog. and stress yourself trying to hodge podge. Damn, is this 60 minutes? ;)

you guys do good. but it's rushed. My opine, for all that wish to hang me. You're much better relaxed and being thoughtful. having fun. bitch is in the note taking for a day of shooting. Conqure that. cake.


Yeah, the derivative would be: 'haughty' (I'll pay that one out as the word Logan may be seeking)

Pirating/torrenting isn't necessarily bad. Sure, there are plenty of people who just download without ever caring about the artist or label, but there also are plenty of people who do actually buy some of the songs they download and end up spending more than they would have otherwise.

As it stands right now, I have close to 2000 songs in my music collection, the vast majority of which I wouldn't have bought if I hadn't "pirated" the albums or discographies first.
Those that I didn't want to buy were deleted even before I bought the ones I wanted . If it's not worth my money, it's not worth the disk space it's occupying either.

Sometimes stuff just isn't out there, in which case pirating really is merely the result of a distribution problem. If you can't even buy the physical album second-hand on discogs (a rather expensive method that I had to resort to on a number of occasions because none of the online music stores had the song I was looking for), you can hardly blame someone for having the song without paying for it.

As for your value calculation for those 120gig collections, it's actually way worse than that 350€ that you got by counting 20€ for a 700MB CD. The most commonly used format is MP3 320kbps, which uses considerably less space than the files on a music CD.
Seeing as my entire music collection in 320kbps MP3s takes up 17.1GB, 120 gigs would be somewhere between 13500 and 14000 songs. At 20€ for a 15-song CD, we're talking numbers in the 18-19000€ region

@Logan: On replacing your AverMedia gear for Linux use, I suggest going with an Inogeni HDMI/DVI to USB 3.0 unit over a Magewell. They cost ~$100 (US) more, but I've found these units to be more stable, and Inogeni's support team is quick to respond if you have a problem. On thermals, I don't keep mine plugged in 24/7, but I've hammered on it for 6-7 straight hours on numerous occasions and the case temp never broke 101 deg. F.

@Logan is the word you're looking for patronizing or supercilious?

The term "stuffed shirt" for a snoot is pretty old. Is that it? There is also pretentious. That's a good one.

@who ever is interested
On the net neutrality and data caps issue; it seems as though the major ISPs are trying to build perceptions of scarcity into the model. They can no longer grow at the rate that the dividends that they pay out to their stockholders do. They have to either cut costs or increase revenue. If they start behaving as though profit is tight, stockholders may see it as a red flag and sell. I'm not confident that they will upgrade the infrastructure. I think they'll just keep finding creative ways to increase prices.

I don't think that regulation has much of a chance either. Lobbying makes for high hurdle.

The only thing that I think could help the economy in its current condition is making investing easy. If there was an app for that, redistribution would be a much more attainable goal. It wouldn't be sustainable though. The problem is that there is no product or service associated with dividends. It's like interest in that sense in that there is not enough currency to support the static increases. It won't devalue the currency like interest does but it would usher in an incremental increase in the cost of living.

This issue is happening because corporate models are growth based, and the value of the currency is reliant on its scarcity. The monetary system has been in flux since its conception for similar issues. Aggregation to the point of crash is expected. We have a long history of it.

The only thing that I think could actually change it is fundamental change. Lending in its many forms seems to be the cornerstone of aggregation. That's one of the reasons that I think crowd sourcing is so interesting. It gets to the root of the problem.

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One word: Rubber

My schedule has been really messed up since getting back from Taiwan. I got in at like 9am, passed out a 5PM, woke up at 3AM the first day back. Two days ago I went to bed at 8AM :( Luckily I'm not working next week, so I have time to get back on schedule.