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GTX 970 Cards Under $290 + Halloween Gaming Sales

1 day 14 hours ago

The GTX 070 deals don't work. You can only get a...

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Build: Linux Workstation for Eric S. Raymond | Meet Τὸ Μεγα Θηρίον

2 days 12 hours ago

Holy! Eric is using the hunt & peck method! I...

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Tek Syndicate 1440p Monitor Club

2 days 20 hours ago

Are you still using that monitor and does it...

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Left 4 Dead 2 hits $3 in Halloween Themed PC Gaming Sale

3 days 7 hours ago

There should be a column for "Featured on WASD"...

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Left 4 Dead 2 hits $3 in Halloween Themed PC Gaming Sale

3 days 12 hours ago

Metro redux link is broken,

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34" LG Curved 1440p Monitor Drops $300 & a 28" 4K for $379

3 days 22 hours ago

I hear allot of reports from users(ex) of these...

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chris beer scammer ctaber2011

4 days 4 hours ago

As a dane I find his false last name "Taber"...

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It was tweak town that did the crossfire Fury X stuff at 4k*3 some of the older games can do 60fps like BF4, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock

Be sure to test Civ V at native and maybe hack warcraft 3 to run it at that size, you might need to mod the camera to move it back

You could potentially just trade someone the 980tis for 2 Fury X cards

Also 4 Fury X cards just for basically no gains half the time

Here be the timetable guys:


  • I'd suggest adding "of interest to journalists" to the title of the future Coreboot vid if it comes out.
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On the new album:

I guess I have to say first off that 8 bit music isn't really my thing, but I did take a listen to your new album. I have to say it is a genius piece of work.

The 'non 8 bit' sounds really give a good contrast to the typical Zweihander sounds. The soundscape is also very wide and enveloping.

I am not much of a music critic, so I am at a loss of words to describe what I like about the album, but I guess I can say that there is a lot more going on in some of these songs that you will find in the main stream. I guess it could be some techniques you did in the mastering above and beyond the composition of the songs that really added depth.

Hell's Valley, and Kobolds Everywhere is more of a sound I prefer, and naturally Hell's Valley is definitely my favourite of the album. I wish that track was more than a minute long, since it leaves me wanting more :)

I'm glad you like Hell's Valley. I literally made that in an hour just as a teaser for the next album... which will be in that style.

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I was literally filling out the order form for a mousepad when I heard the words "got some new mousepads coming soon.." I'll have to wait to check those out now. Colored 8-bit burning earth mousepad?

A teaser for the new album right out of the gates? Ambitious!

Just have fun making it and I would be glad to wait for it.

I. REALLY. Like! almost got a cyberpunk feel to it, a similar feel to some of john carpenters lost themes.

Ayy, the bandcamp page mentions the "secret project"!

But Honda had FCX several years back, and it loked like proper car already.

@Logan min 28:40ish you say that all the shaming that's going on is not cool (i.e. Shaming intelligent people). Completely agree, BUT, on several past videos you have said things like "I think our audience is more intelligent than that.." when talking about climate change deniers and Christians (maybe some other groups also, but those two I'm positive you mentioned). Isn't that a form of shaming? Deep discussion here, I know, but I think tolerance should go both ways.

PS: Loved coked up Logan with chillwave Wendel in this episode :) great mix.

Man do I love this album! Particular because I am someone who doesn't subscribe to any particular music genre, the songs are a nice mix of electronic, retro and metal influences. Thanks for making this @Logan! Well done! Off to doing some exercise with The Chopper in my ear :)

Hydrogen can and is safe, example (if stored correctly) . Misconception taking shape before research...

Who plans to make use of I do think this is definitely the way it should be, the whole SSL business is just one big con game in my opinion, as shown by Symantec who cant even do it right despite the large sums of money it costs for certain certificates. Its interesting to see Cisco on the list of sponsors but not someone like Google who have a highly vested interest in the secure web.

I like WASD, not sure what those comments are about, @Logan and @Pistol I reckon you just do what your doing with WASD, tis good. On that note.. what about good games on Linux, at some future point?

Security and stuff. Does anyone else get to the point where you just dont know what to say anymore?

Coreboot is great. Anyone who doesnt know what it is should have a quick look at it. UEFI has goine the way of processors with propitiatory code your not allowed access to, essentially meaning that your computer at the at the core is running code that could potentially do anything without you having any way. Coreboot solves some of that, but it does lack widespread support and doesnt completely remove the need for propitiatory binary blobs in all the hardware it supports.

Still its essential to have unless were all happy with things like intels super dodgy management engine stuff thats essentially one giant backdoor to your PC.
The oneplus X looks interesting, i really would like a dual sim phone, though im not sure what the dual sim experience is like on android. Anyone used this before? Does it work well?

I noticed though in the specs, you said it has an SD slot, but this is in combination with the dual sim, so it looks like you can have dual sim OR one sim and SD card. Which is a little disappointing, though a good use of the space.

Linux gaming... The propitiatory drivers can be difficult to install. We still need to see what AMDGPU does, but the open drivers are easy to install. AMD propitiatory drivers I dont even bother with, I agree, there a pain, even when they are easy to install they are a pain. There no longer effectively supported from what I understand. The downside is AMD have not really executed the whole fuxy/linux/amdgpu stuff properly.. where's the drivers? They should have had them ready.

It comes back the the same issue of propitiatory code. The open drivers are great, and theres been big improvements in the open drivers across all GPU manufacturers, they even now support OpenGL 4.1 completely, and 4.2 almost completely. But they do suffer a bit of a performance hit. @Logan If you've got an AMD card you should definitely try out the open radeon drivers with the latest mesa (11.*) and see how it plays for you.

Mesamatrix keeps an up to date list of OpenGL features and driver compatibility for the open drivers in development.

Gameworks and stuff are exactly for what you say, an attempt to lock people into their cards. it just needs to stop.

I think like previous Fallout games, im going to wait a while until it works nice and theres some good mods. I gotten to the point where I tend to not buy games at release with few exceptions, they almost never live up to what they advertise.

Secret project. Woo.

Would like to start off by saying that I am a fan and wish Tek Syndicate success and notoriety! That said, @Logan when you open up a webpage of topic my eyesight naturally focuses and I start to read the headline and the paragraphs/sentences that follow. The first thing you do is start scrolling up and down, stopping to highlight something then scroll up and down again; Oh wait there is a vid on this page “lets click on that too!” then scroll up and down again…… Find myself all tense and frustrated, to compensate I throw up a blank word document to cover the right side of the video.
Please relax, slow down, let your co-host elaborate more and scroll page of topic according to conversation. Enjoy your mind set and don’t want you to take this constructive criticism the wrong way, the world need more Logan’s and Wendell’s.

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I tend to just pause the video and look up the article so I can read all of it.

I'm all for shaming directed at the right things (which is subjective, I know). For instance... dudes can be asshats in online games... I'm all for shaming them for being racist or sexist. We should ostracize them and let them know it isn't funny or cool.

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It would be a perfect song for the opening credits of a movie.

Great job on the album.

Logan just a heads up, at the end of the the recent Tek video you accidentally talked about your previous album. I noticed Wendell wasn't paying much attention either haha!

@wendell said that something like a ChromeBook with CoreBoot could've helped the journalist whose laptop was confiscated. The only way to help someone like that is with full disk encryption, and I know that Chrome OS encrypts you data, but what does CoreBoot have to do with disk encryption ? How does CoreBoot acually help in that situation ?