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I have 2 fire sticks and they aren't really that bad. I only use them for Netflix,plex, and amazon video and they get the job done. Only issue I've ever had is I had to restart it twice because it couldn't connect to my network for some reason.

Before the "buy AMD" tier there needs to be a "finance centi-cow research" tier.

In high school, at the class of informatics/technical dwawings, i used to be quite good at AutoCad, and usually when we do some projects, i would finish first and then teacher would make me help others who need help. In order to avoid that sometimes, i would fire up some old/dos games, and then minimize them when teacher comes close to my desk.

Once, she came close, i did minimized, and my d*mn character in game got killed few seconds after I minimized, and, speaker on that computer DID actually work..., in complete silence in class, you could hear death music from that little speaker in the case :), at the end, it was hilarious, whole class LOL'd :).

Good show!

I am going to call it Peehole because it is as tasteful as a pisshole in the snow...

AMD would probably be better of in your hands then the hands they are in atm.

@Logan @wendell I think you wanted to say Interwebs not internets.

Check our Republic Wireless. Smaller Wi FI based phone service. They have been working on interesting Wi Fi handover programs. Project Fi like, but they have been at it for a while longer.

Please make that Qain image into a purchasable poster. I really like the full suit and would gladly frame & hang it in my office.


@Logan @Wendell You know what must happen with the bananas to get subs fast...

I have have Republic Wireless, but I think I'm going to switch to Fi. I have the Moto X 2013, and even though the phone through Motorola has the 5.x update, RW hasn't released the update for their own service, which means I'm stuck with 4.4.4. Sure, they have the newer phone now, but it's been a while (even 5.1 was released in June for 1st gen).

The other problem is that you can't really root the Moto devices, especially since they're through RW, and that means you can't also use a bunch of handy features like tethering and the like. RW does have cheaper base plans, but for enthusiasts, Fi has everything RW has (afaik) and more. They even have a similar "money back for data you don't use" system.

@Wendell That ET pic is brilliant! I am so happy it exists!

Used to work at a call centre. A lot of people played "clicker heroes"
That definitely was something that got minimized when the boss went by

@Logan is 100% right here. If I know someone is using Peeple I immediately cut off all ties with them. This is what I already was going to do when I started meeting people wearing Google Glass and other wearables.

If you have a camera pointed in my face (or in the case of smartwatch wearables, a mike recording what I'm saying), I'm not going to answer your questions and I'm going to talk like someone who has a camera pointed in their face and everything I say will be recorded and kept forever and probably posted on the internet and kept there forever as well.

If you know someone used Peeple and/or posted an entry about you, even if it's positive. Log in, and post an entry on Peeple and the only description / accusation you make against them is "Uses Peeple". You can go on a raid on more traditional social media and to real-world friends and tactfully trash him that way.

The founders of Peeple are counting that they will force people to use their service as when someone makes a negative entry for you, you have no choice but to create an account and contest the claims on the service. That's not the case. Contest it elsewhere and, on peeple, if you do anything at all, only post the "Uses Peeple" claim. And let that evil social network die out.

Both Peeple and Google Glass destroy people's privacy in similar ways. In a way that you cannot choose what you show or reveal about yourself. People don't just have a right to privacy, but to opacity if they so choose.

Something like this might be useful if it were aimed at politicians, but individual citizens have the right to forgotten and shouldn't be forced to spend energy just to counter lies, libels and slander someone posts about them on the internet that stay permanently there.

These privacy-destroying techs should become social suicide and a HUGE social no-no.

Easier solution: sue Peeple. At least I assume that would be easy enough to do in the EU.

On another note, I'm in favor of helicopter destruction derby.

@wendell and @Logan Instead of a 6 hour work day (that would most likely turn to a 6 day work week) why not a 4 day work week with 10 hour days.

  1. You are going to get a day off during the week for personal business, (doctor, bank, etc)
  2. Small vacations are way doable adding more time to to recuperate.
  3. General maintenance and trouble shooting can run longer than 6 hours but normally not more than 10 hours.
  4. Because a job is more likely to be completed during the 10 hour day there won't be as many mid job turn overs. (One of the main causes of industrial accidents)
  5. Concentration can be maintained via breaks through out the day.

Just curious to your guy's thoughts.

4 day?


I see that you want it to escalate very quickly. rofl

oh god no not like that! have you not heard of the banana fight?

I have but personally never seen it.