The Tek 0199: Jeb Bush is a Dumbass | Tek Syndicate

This week we cover plenty of science, some political buffoonery, and a lot more.

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5 Spacesavers? What else? Are you secretly hiding a Kishsaver in your compound?

2:57 Obama says broadband is a core utility
5:46 Jeb Bush wants to kill net neutrality and encryption
10:20 ATM malware
12:25 Ads get worse, Adblock use goes up
15:38 Tek Syndicate patreon
26:20 Logans shameless plugs
29:11 VW diesel scandal
33:37 Microsofts version of linux
42:38 Coinbase files patents to claim ownership of the bitcoin market
46:42 Disney invests 65 million into virtual reality movie technology
50:18 Walt Disney worked with the FBI
55:56 Lenovo installing spyware again
59:55 Bosch making solid state batteries that will double electric car range
1:02:00 Samsung 950 Pro M2 ssds eye popping performance
1:05:36 Floating city
1:11:05 Teleportation
1:14:16 3D printing for nerves
1:20:57 Brain implants
1:23:15 Elon Musk wants to send a million people to Mars
1:26:13 Green microbes might be the key to colonizing mars
1:27:58 VR minecraft announced
1:29:40 Star Trek virtual tour


Wendell did you find some really good weed man? you were talking way more than usual for this video, was nice to see.

I've counted 2 stallman/GNU jokes logan missed

Don't lenovo laptops still have the best keyboards though

I would use hydrogen powered car rather than electric one. You still need to burn fossil fuels to make electricity. And the batteries in electric cars will last for around 200km which is pathetic distance. While Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It can be easily obtained from water using electrolysis.

We just need some nuclear reactors and a lot more solar and wind to generate the electricity for cars

Even if we had unlimited electric supply from Fusion Reactors and solar power. I still would not want electric car because they are more prone to a fault, more difficult to fix. On top of that if police crooks get equipped with some EMP gun they will be able to stop my car just by pressing a button.

Btw wind power is kind of meh... If the wind is too strong the turbines break. IF the wind is too weak the turbine has to use electricity to keep the blades moving because they can't support their own weight.

Once i was somewhere in Germany and there was a wind turbine very close to a gasoline station. At that time there was not wind blowing at all and yet the blades were moving. I was like WTF...


I'm as excited as a little kid. I want it. I want it so badly it hurts.

I need one of those Steelcase chairs, I sat in one last week & didn't want to get out of it. If I added up all the uncomfortable chairs that I've been through over the last 10 years, the price is totally worth it.

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Technically, JEB Bush ends up with you saying John Ellis Bush Bush, and whilst Bush Bush is a fantastic nickname, it's not his actual name. But, I do endorse it over Jeb, so all for Bushbush being used for the complete twat who fucked America over in the 2001 by basically rigging the election rather than democratically allowing Al Gore to win!

Wow. Didn't realize the actual infrastructure of Tek Syndicate is at such a breaking point. I hope you get the funding you need and don't have to sell off your gear just to get by like you are now (if that keeps up that means you can't do long term tests and request videos on your old builds). If I get some spare cash I'll be sure to donate.

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Wind turbines don't have to be powered if there is no wind to keep the blades from breaking off. As you mentioned they can't operate at very high wind speeds, in that case they actually have to be stopped so the blades don't fly off. Also how would you construct a wind turbine if you have to have the blades constantly spinning.

The turbine that you observed rotating even you didn't notice any wind, was probably just free-running without the generator coupled in. And because they are usually big, it does not take allot of wind to start them up. Also the wind a few dozens of meters higher can actually be quite different then on the ground.

Regarding the hydrogen vs. battery:
Hydrogen tanks have the advantage of being able to refill them quickly (2.5 min), just as your regular gas tank, and also a pretty good energy density (H_2: 9.7 MJ/L, gasoline: 32 MJ/L, Lithium batteries: 0.9–2.63 MJ/L). As you stated that we can just get unlimited Hydrogen from water, BUT you also need electricity for that.
So you ether go
electricity -> hydrogen -> electricity -> motor,

or directly by burning it
electricity -> hydrogen -> motor,

or using batteries
electricity -> motor.

In the end it all depends mostly on the efficiency of the energy conversion happening on those arrows and the transport of the energy in whatever form it is.

I'll support you guys as soon as I can, I want to at least contribute something, I just have to pay off a few things and buy other things. Because you guys are responsible for me like REALLY getting into the technical field, I was into it before but you guys kept me up to date on the latest hardware and you teach a good lesson; may the fire spread! \m/

I need to get OS X reloaded on a macbook that needed a new hard drive, the internet recovery won't work because needs update, booting to anything won't work, I rage quit by going and ordering a "stop buying apple products" shirt and some extra stuff, I'm going to wear that thing when I visit customers too, maybe get a few more.... my new standard work shirt.....hmmm
Why don't more people disable adblock for this site?, huh?, there is like one tastefully used advert on the side.
I do like the idea of Patreon and the community supporting directly.

When @Logan and @wendell talked about Jeb Bush, THAT was worthy of a Rant:30 (we need MOAR Rant:30 segments)!!!

I would love for you guys to do a garage sale and office tour! I will defiantly come and support!

Keep up the good work!

nVidiots are paying for you guys to go to China, aren't they?

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Pretty good The Tek this week. Special thanks for talking a bit about Venezuela. Over here things are pretty bad due several reasons. The thing about the long lines to basic things (soap, toilet paper, etc) it's true. I know the Tek is about applying critical thinking into the news discussed but, any sort of talk about world issues is welcome as well. Maybe the Patreon would help to fund a side podcast about non tech news.

Best regards,

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So, you explained the quite simple concept of burning fossil fuel which is basically carbon dioxide stored by plants and releasing the gas by doing so. The problem is, this still doesn't prove a causation between burnt fuel (or emitted carbon dioxide) and global warming. You seem very sure, so I'd actually like to hear some arguments proving exactly that causation.

Climate related:
@wendell : 1:37:20 ~ "There are less trees today then there have been historically..."

Greening of the planet:

Looks like a nice feedback loop.

Warning: This scientist's humor makes it hard to watch

W: "Environment is changing at very rapid pace"
Seeing all the graphs from multiple sources and looking at cherry picking and graph scales manipulation from all "climate change caused by humans" supporters, I am more on the side of those who conclude that we are insignificant contributing factor to this.