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Did the Watch Dogs preview make you paranoid? Build yourself a jammer!

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Ultimate, Doom2, Final Doom, random graphic glitch

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I ran this mod with the original Doom2.wad files...

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How to Build a PC: The Ultimate Guide from Tek Syndicate

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What desk do you guys use?

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Painkiller: Heaven's Got a Hitman download

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Painkiller: Heaven's Got a Hitman download

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NZXT X99 Build: S340 Case, Hale 90 V2 1000W PSU, Kraken X61, ETC.

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Is it possible to use the x41 on the position...

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ArenaNet Disables Digital Sales of Guild Wars 2

2 days 3 hours ago

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I'd choose a Twi'lek, the only good thing to come out of Star Wars, or at least the only one of a very few things.

If you still need a contact within CERN, maybe go to there are sme people who wrk at cern that post there.

Hey Logan, if you haven't already, you might try tech21 cases

I live in Austria and I have been to CERN for a school trip last year. I recommend you just go there, have a guided tour and talk the people who work there. They are very friendly and open and I'm sure you will meet someone who would like to tell you all about his/her work. Moreover, you should definitely visit Geneva because it's a beautiful city :)

...and please go to Austria! I would love to meet you

It never occurred to me that you were going to gamescon - I had assumed that you were going to Chaos Computing Camp 13. - 17. August 2015. As your journalists you might be able to get tickets - its sold out in a few days
This only happens once every 4 years,
8 years ago a bunch of hackers on a plane (from defcon) came to chaos camp 2007 and then went on a tour of european hackspaces - this is when the world wide hackspace movement kicked off.
It was at 2007 II met Julian Assange who there to speak about the newly formed wilileaks. Four years later I was in the same tent as Daniel Berg at chaos computing camp 2011 when the massive furore was kicking off with Der stern and newspapers around the planet, about wikileaks. My first introduction to 3D printing and Drones was 8 years ago at Chaos.
It seems crazy for the two of you to be in Europe and apparently know nothing about one of the biggest hacker events in the world. The thing that is really kicking me is that I wanted to be there to help with set up, heraldry and tear down, but I been really ill recently and I been advised not to go.
I really hope you do manage to go though - if you go you should really think about volunteering to do heraldry or help out with the rehash team.
Oh and Cain if you think the NOC at quakecon was amazing - see what chaos camp puts together in the middle of a field!
I very very much hope you get to go

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You will be in Buffalo, NY on what day doing what? I would like to check out whatever it is you are doing but you spoke so fast, it made no sense.

Edit: Never mind, you said Brussels, not Buffalo.

I'll probably be in bruxelles the first or second, where and when will the tek be ?

In Windows 10, WiFi Sense doesn't share the actual password. How it works is this: You authenticate to your network, choose to share with a group of contacts (Facebook, Skype, etc.) then, when they are in proximity to the network it will allow them internet access and connect automatically. It will not allow them local LAN access or access to you other devices on the LAN. The "password" is encrypted and sent over an encrypted connection, but the receiving friend can't actually know the WiFi password.

Regarding Cortana, you just go into her settings and turn off the Bing/cloud features with 2 sliders and it just becomes "dumb" search like Windows 7/8.

Regarding Edge, it doesn't have extension support yet, that should come in August or September.

One thing though is I always find it funny when Logan goes on about Microsoft data mining. Considering he makes money off of YouTube, uses Google Chrome, runs an Android phone and uses many other Google services. Not to mention with every release Google abandons AOSP components in favour of closed-source proprietary ones. And Google makes it incredibly difficult to make viable forks of Android due to their abandonment of AOSP components and other policies they have such as this:

This is another great article on how Google is abandoning AOSP and controlling Android at all costs including making more and more things closed source:

Google even tracks everywhere you go in the real world via GPS 24/7, seeing which stores you visit in real life and advertises off of that and stores it all in their databases.

Google makes ~90% revenue from advertising, Microsoft makes ~10% revenue from advertising.


@wendell @Logan

Birdshot more often than not does no damage to people when it comes back down (unless it happens to hit you in the eye, which yeah, is a possibility). I know from experience, than when bird hunting, you often have situations where someone on the other side of a large field will take a shot at a bird, and you get pellets raining down on you. It's about the same as standing in sleet or a minor hail storm.

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This is the case I use for the G4:

I've used a case just like this for my last 4 phones. I always throw away the belt clip piece, and I'd recommend always having a spare. If you use the kickstand (which I do) it will break eventually, but they are cheap ($10 right now).

It is grippy and it adds almost no bulk to the phone. A lot of people don't even realize I have a case on it. I use the kickstand to watch videos or read and as a handle when I need an extra sure grip on the phone. I've not yet broken my phone by dropping it. I like the preventative approach best.

"people get off to cartoons too... I've never even understood that... help me understand" :D
(hopefully this video works)

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Could you guys possibly do a video on how to remove or disable the data harvesting bullshit from Windows 10?

About the guy shooting down the drone. You left out the part about it having the camera Aimed at his daughter sun bathing by there pool. In which case, he was in his right to "shoot it" down since it was hovering just over his house. Though using a firearm in the city limits was a bad move.

Cartoons... pfft. Whatever happened to dragons doing cars in the gas pipe?

Hey! Come to Lake Como if you got a chance! You'll definitely get your fix of mountains here! Or we could meet at the Gotthard Pass :)

Enjoy Europe!

The reason for the Japanese laser is to defeat "Godzilla!~". Totally preparing for the inedible.

Is cyenogenmod evil too because it is free as well?

Hey guys in Europe, make sure you post your locations on the Tek Syndicate map so the guys can locate you guys or so they know who is in the area.