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The Tek is back. AMD & Intel have CPU road-maps. Spiders shooting graphine webs, politicians being... politicians, and a lot more.

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What's going on?

NASA Radar Found 4 Nepali Men Trapped Under Wreckage by Their Heartbeat




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The background landscape behind Logan looks nice, and serene.

RE: Cashless Transactions; I know in Australia many smaller / medium businesses like to offer 'discounts for cash', as there is less hassle in the transaction for a service.

Good to see that the Tek is back.

Man, i really need to know what youtube theme logan is using...

Woke up, got tea, time to watch tek.

So good.


Nice place you have there @Logan. Still using the folding chair setup?

@wendell Do you have a link to the article you spoke about from Princeton about politicians and their distance from constituents because of the politics structure?

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I just opened this thread just for that!

Video summarizes but martin gilens is the author and the original is worth a read.

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new diggs. enjoy the coffee and fresh red hook. seems we drank pounders of ranier when i was there in the early 90s. soundgarden was raging and were very local working on superunknown. ben was living on bainbridge driving a bad ass thunderbird catching the last ferry from working in the city.

Pistol has a subscribe button on Twitch now = more streams?

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I'm not getting any sound from the video. : /

About the genetic engineering thing, I'd recommend watching Gattaca. It's a great movie with that sort of premise.

Also, it seems like a great area, Logan - I saw two cars pass by in the background with no extreme and loud acceleration. :P

It's Endor that's why

Thanks Wendell. I was asking this same question on YouTube, when I thought it would just be easier to create an account with Tek. You guys always present an interesting show, and it is impressive how you and Logan pull it off live. Best tech channel on YouTube I've seen so far. Cheers!

  • Hey no more Corsair keyboard. Good. I like the looks of your WASD.
    Classy, simple. Place looks nice too for now, unless you move to
    another room. I like the background of nature.

  • NAS is making noise? That a paddlin'.

  • That 2160p monitor looks really nice, I would love one... maybe
    later. Glossy though, ugh.

  • Insensitive? No just the truth.

  • Model E? No probably not, Jag would be on that pretty quick I expect. What if MouldE.

  • Eliminating cash? I was just thinking of this the other day. I know we have bitcoin and many others but they have just not been implemented properly yet. I was thinking why don't we have a universal currency for online purchases. Currently where I live there is viritually no PC building market, or at least not to the quality that I need. So I order most everything online from the UK and US and this brings with it the problem of converting the cash and the ever changing conversion rates with benefit me or kill me, I would rather just a stable online single currency. Obviously this brings with it the problem of monopoly. There are many issues but I truthfully see a future of single currency worldwide for online purchases but not in the near future. Too many countries are just idiotic with money, that needs to be sorted first.

  • That name alone seem over reaching. This is just a mess that will take a long time to get rid of. Facebook will just keep feeding it to try and make it work and then it will just die in a whimper. Meh, nuts to them and their nonsense.

  • 10 dollars? Creates multiple spam accounts.

  • FCC rule changes, promises upon promises and then endless lies. And people wonder why I am so cynical.
    5mbit?!? Lets build a university at his house! Funny story. Where I went to college was the first fully networked college in the country back in the day and as such they were given a dedicated IP range with the idea that it could be distributed through all the other colleges in the country. They misunderstood so badly that it was unfixable. So that college has some of the best speeds and stability and availability in the country, they are basically their own ISP.
    I am sure there are many mistakes in this it was a long time ago that the story was told to me and networking is just black magic to me.

  • When everything is usable data, nothing is usable data. Good job NSA. I will check that book out though sound good.

  • MK Ultra. Ha nice, but at the same time terrifying. Just the lenghts it went to was insane. Very interesting from a behavioural and scientific standpoint, but wow they really overstepped during those experiments. Cities of people. Cities!

  • As long as new AMD is not an apolitically bad part and can came it will keep me off Intel, if it turns out to be mega good even better.

  • I still am anticipating it but come on. it has been nearly a year. How about a moratorium on 300 series news until it is actually out and I say this an an AMD user.
  • Solar! Yes! Today? Not a chance. Solar is good, I want it invested in massively it needs that but again I wish this would stop until actual news is out. Like commercial 20% efficient panels. That would be news. No one talks about the actual efficiency of solar which is astonishingly low.

  • Just spray it with carbon nanotubes. Like thousands of microscopic spears slicing through you.

  • Incubates for humans. Endless fields where people are no long born, they are grown. So an infinite power source from clones.

  • Space probe? YES! Go there now I want to see it. Which reminds me there is an interesting project happing across the road from me. It is a recycling machine that takes in plastic and turns it into Diesel, Gas, Wax and a few others and it is supposed to be 90+% efficient.
    The Void... I think i actually wrote about that or one of my imagining here. Yup here it is.

Side note: Is the video and audio out of sync slightly or is that just youtube being its regular self?

I have posted the lazytable, aka timetable, in the YT comments. Also included links to all topics, also e-mailed it.

Keep in mind that with a 200 mile range electric car, after a few years those li-ion batteries will have lost a good portion of their capacity, and your range will slowly drift to the sub 100 mile range.

Also keep in mind that those batteries make up a sizable portion of the cost of the car. Imagine trying to sell a car after a few years with the buyer knowing that the car will likely need a $10,000 battery replacement sooner rather than later.

Remember, your phone battery no longer getting you through the day is one thing. your car battery no longer lasting very long and shutting off on you on the way to work is entirely different and points to the flaw of electric cars..

I would be totally interested in you guys checking out the asteroid mining company and The Void project in Utah. Although I would have to say the Void would be something that might come out 5 years from now as VR is still in its early stages.

For Intel to really bring something to the table, AMD has to outperform their processors with Zen and put it at a reasonable price. That way, we can really see some competition.

Enjoying your Tek Hardware videos @wendell.