The Tech News/Policy MegaThread

Right, so I’m getting really fucking annoyed at threads popping up that are a title and a link. FFS throw interesting articles in here PLEASE so that there aren’t like 80 threads that are 3 words and a link.

I thought this was interesting.

Continue, L1.

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This doesn’t need yet another mega thread otherwise what’s the point. If you don’t have anything to say why post the link? Low effort topics can be turned around or edited or flagged.

Just… no. It doesn’t need a megathread.

You find it interesting… why?

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New threads about news are triggering you, mega threads are triggering other people … there must be a compromise.

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Have people actually read the guide on thread making.

Aremis, stop. This will just be hundreds of posts of nothing but links.

The fact you have the gall to say 3 words isn’t enough so you say 5 is hypocritical to a level I have not witnessed recently.

I like the idea
The Ryzen anything thread was a huge success and more importantly it starts out as neutral instead of a thread with an obvious agenda.
There is allot happening with 5G, real ID 2020, censorship, facebook and twitter testifying before congress and the President’s Game Industry meeting.
I lost count of the number of Net Neutrality threads, it seemed one would pop up every few days.
Even if someone posts something I am totally not interested I learn so-and-so is interested in it and it helps us get to know each other.
The Astronomy thread also continues to be an ongoing success.


Mega threads are awesome :smiley:

I was trying to make a joke, not sure if you got it with your comment however on the topic if most people read the rules I will guess probably not.

An issue with a mega thread like this is it isn’t likely to reinforce in depth discussions as it isn’t locked to a single topic.

Also we don’t need a mega thread for everything, you’ve also did as others have done and just posted a link with 5 words without any real input.

You thought it was interesting, but what is your stance on it? How does it affect you in any way? Do you believe there was a better way for this to be handled?

If you aren’t going to give your own input on it, you may as well have posted it as a random link in the lounge.

I’m honestly surprised the mods haven’t locked the thread tbh.

The subject of the thread can still be changed to something appropriate. All other post can be deleted or moved elsewhere if they are deemed to derail it from the start.

I think threads for specific subjects are better. This way all the discussion on said topic is contained in a single thread. Of course, there will always be people that don’t realize this and start their own thread. The thing about policy is it’s such a massive topic that a megathread is going to be all over the place in discussions.

The thing I can’t stand are the clickbait thread titles people use in the forum. We should be better than that!

I’m gonna close this as I think @Novasty made the point very well.

Encourage more discussion if the op doesn’t