The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar- Your Brain's Silent Killers

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The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar- Your Brain's Silent Killers


Hour long episode talking about the "Brain's Silent Killers"

I didn't watch the episode but did look at the company's website. Just use some caution listening to a FOR PROFIT corporation tell you about your brain dying but then Ah HAH! They have the answer for you with some exercises and products to fix you.  (200 bucks just for one such "BrainBuilder"?)

I used to work in acute Neurosciences at the largest hospital in Western Canada. I'm by no means a brain expert, at all. However, I can tell you that there is ALWAYS someone claiming to have the next greatest cure, therapy, etc. Desperate people are easy targets. Education and knowledge is your best defense against these things. 

Try reading some PEER REVIEWED articles and studies on degenerative brain diseases and nutrition if you would like. 


The brain needs sugar, it's the primary fuel source for it. There's always some nutcase spilling theories about what are the tools of the devil. In the end, a human is a complex organism with a certain lifespan, a barrel of reactants, and you can't escape the laws of probability: once a process fails, you have x% chance that that malfunction impacts the whole organism in such a way that accelerated decay is inevitable. Sugar in the human diet became an issue after humans started to process much more data and their ecosystem told them to consume more sugar, just as cancer became an issue after humans figured out a way to stay alive much longer, therefore subjecting themselves to a higher chance of falling within the statistics of coincidental mutations having a permanent impact on their organism, and now that humans have developed technologies to fight cancer, they will face new challenges because they will position themselves on a different spot in a different Gauss-curve. Problems should be solved when it's clear what the real problem is, anything else is just tentative at best. Remember Radium Therapy in the early 20th Century? Some brilliant new insight by some dude that has no statistical proof whatsoever happens every day, again and again, and mostly causes more harm than good...

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