The speakers on my laptop keep going loud and quiet

Hey guys,

So I've tested a few things from different media players to different sources of the same song and nothing seems to outrule the increase and decrease of my laptops volume through the speakers when playing music..


When ever I go into my laptop's audio 'interface' and change the incorrect/ faulty selections of  "EQ settings" it'll last for a little bit longer before changing volume.

By this I mean that it has for pre set EQs including 'off' and when ever i select one it'll usually change to it, but then if i click it again it'll change to another EQ setting, and then I'll have to click on another one a few times in a row for it to actually change.


Any ideas?

Thanks :)

have you tried hitting it with something really heavy?   lol

sorry I'm no help ... hope I made you smile anyway

Holy crap it's 3am ... I'm going to go read for awhile  ... hope someone is more helpful.    ; /

Hahaha well I have fixed quite a few things by doing that actually! But I don't think it'll help here lol.

it was worth a shot    lol

shameless bump

your welcome B

Haha yeah, well if I keep the EQ setting program open then it seem to be fine.. real weird.

I tried to bring it back to see if one of the giant brains could help.     

bump again   lol

What EQ are you using?

I knew if I kept bumping would show

after you help Beheemoth ... these guys could use your input   \o/

Hahaha, it's just some really average one called audio wizard. It's tied in with the driver.

open up a Command Prompt as an administrator (right click the icon in the Start menu, then choose 'Run as Administrator') and type:


net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice


net localgroup Administrators /add localservice


then reboot tell me how that works out

lol I will check it out.

looks like they are on the right track. Am i missing something?