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The small linux problem thread



Anybody know how to stop KDE from moving windows around when a external display is attached?


In your X or Wayland config force one interface (one monitor) to always be default regardless of plugging it in. This will make reaaranging workspaces and windows center around that display be aware this breaks the GUI ever so slightly in that you cannot reset the main display without sudo LOL


switch you logging mode to debug (verbose)… grab the logs of when it occurs…

Also whats your machine specs… ive experienced some wonkiness with some motherboards default settings on APM master modes etc… which can affect coming out of S3 but this is in only certain cases… Logs help


Considering its a laptop so i want my laptop screen to always be primary it shouldnt be a issue


Depends on what your running… Like especially if you had one of those build yourself distros like arch or gentoo sometimes you can get the config wrong… If it is not that what has google turned up?.. Ive literally never experienced the issue first hand only fixed it



Nothing lol. Its not a deal breaking bug but it really bugs me especially when i have a game open


Its strange… thats for sure… hmm so when you plug in another display describe exactly what happens… like do specific windows move… what games are you running etc


Not sure if this helps but here

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y

Then you can be guaranteed to be on the latest xorg driver but as for the firmware built into the kernel …

you can try some of these to find out

dpkg -l amdgpu  <--  Assuming you run a debian based linux
sudo lshw -c video

@jrwagh333 let me know if that helps in anyway or if you need help with the output


Everything on my laptop screen moves over to my VGA display but my laptop screen remains the “primary” screen. Aka thats where everything goes when i launch it


Got it… Okay is your default monitor config set to mirror/duplicate… or extend? also is your display order forcing your primary to be one and not 2 when the new one connects despite being the default? display order in your xconfig can be stupid too… I personally moved to Ubuntu after the gnome switch over simply because KDE on multiple monitors pissed me the fuck off



Not sure. Just used the KDE display thing to set it up.

Yep. Considering switching away from KDE but not sure where too yet. Gnome pisses me off endlessly. Want a more traditional desktop experince.


Ive made it work for me… auto hide the ubuntu dock on the right… drop down TMUX … some modifications to gnome and how it organizes desktops… and some shortcuts and she can be alright… most people just dont put the TLC into making her work

That being said consider Budgie or XFCE (I prefer it over mate honestly its code is better and can be customized pretty well… comes barebones so it allows you to go from a vanilla start)


not sure if its possible… but has the WICD network manager been ported from suse… it was hard to learn at first but oh my god it can be config’d in such an awesome manor


If you insist on using opensource drivers then use the latest kernel for ubuntu aka 4.18

If you wanna use amdgpu pro just use the PPA’s I provided in my previous reply and update


Hmm, might be the same ‘Wicked’ that @SesameStreetThug referred to a few posts ago.


Yea, It might actually be SUSE only now that he mentions it.


When I got to work this morning my laptop had signed me out of every single online account. Anyone else using Gnome/Fedora have this issue?

The Gnome ‘online accounts’ dialogue will let me re-enter the account login info, but wont actually reconnect to any of the accounts.

1x Google account, 1x NextCloud, 2x IMAP, 1x POP.

Fedora 28 && Gnome 3.28.2

Looks like its working again. Ignore me.


So i did switch to debug logging (log level 7 for debian) and i was surprised to find absolutely …nothing.
After further testing i found that the cause is actually the Intel iGPU that doesn’t wake my monitor specifically on HDMI, it does wake it on DisplayPort and i was able to reproduce this in Windows as well.

My dGPU (Nvidia) is able to wake the monitor via HDMI with no problem, which makes it a very strange problem imo.

Specs are:
Asus Z370 -E Gaming


Hi. Need some suggestions where to put my iscsi targets. /mnt or /media. Both are intended for temporary I know but is there a better place?


It’s up to you. I typically use /media for my persistent network mounts and save /mnt for more temporary mounts like mounting a drive from a dead laptop or something.

I suppose the best solution would be to mount the iscsi targets where they’re needed. What are you storing on the targets?