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The small linux problem thread



Installed over an old Ubuntu 14.04lts to 18.04lts with luks and was laggu, then debian w/o luks- still slower and laggy. Is it the meltdown and Spectre fixes? Currently at 4.17.0.

Makes me want to go back to an older kernel

Added nopti nospectre_v2 nospec to grub, soooooo much better.


Is it at all possible to take a VM that’s in a raw img file and move it to a physical SSD so it looks like an actual install of Windows?


DD command


That’s what I figured. I’ll try it in a while.


Getting this error


But this message goes away and you still successfully boot though, right?


Not having any luck transferring the image to the SSD.

I tired it with both the original image, which is quite a bit larger than the SSD, as well as a shrunk down version where I did qemu-img resize windows10pro.img 475G

I tried going through Disks, and doing a “Restore Disk Image” on the SSD, but that both took a very long time, as well as didn’t work.

The dd command I am using is this:
sudo dd if=/run/media/marasm/BulkStorage03/windows10pro.img of=/dev/sda bs=4M conv=noerror,sync status=progress

Everything I do I end up with a blank disk:

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

EDIT: So, apparently the SSD is actually bootable. I did it on bare metal as well as added it to the VM and booted to it. Still shows as being empty in Fedora, not sure why.

It takes a very long time to boot, though. Several minutes of spinning dots, then some kind of reboot and blank screen, then the login screen. Something isn’t right with it.


nope can’t even get into login screen


Oh, I’ve gotten an error like that before, but it would still boot…and I’ve only seen it while I was trying out Arch.


How/Why would your win10 install be under the /run directory?


That’s where I have the 8TB internal hard drive mounted to. And a couple 1TB drives are mounted like that too. Maybe I’m doing that wrong? Been working fine for a while.


I don’t think this is causing your current problem, but mounting drives in /run Is very weird.

Here is the official spec on what goes where:


Yeah, somewhere along the line my brain decided it was OK to mount my drives there. That’s the default location Fedora mounts external hard drives, so… I just went with it. I’ll mount the internal drives to mnt from now on.

Not sure what’s going on with the imaged SSD, though. I remember shrinking img files for VMs before, and I think I recall having to do something else besides qemu-img resize. The file system may be corrupted. Just imaging the image to the SSD may not be enough, need to fix the mbr or boot partition or something?


Really? I wonder what specifically is mounting it there and why…


If these are storage drives that you want owned by your user, you should mount them in your home directory.


Dunno. I just installed my desktop fresh (which, coincidentally, is why I am rebuilding my VM setup), and I just tried plugging in a couple external drives and they mounted in the same place as previous. /run/media/…

Interesting. May look into it. Would that cause issues if I store VM images there?


Which DE and what filesystem on the drives?


Gnome, ntfs


That really seems wrong to me, but I’m sure there’s some rational explanation. Wish I knew why. My guess is that Gnome is doing it but I could be wrong.

Oh, NTFS. Maybe it’s a fuse thing. @sgtawesomesauce do you know why it’s mounting under /run?


Does it with USB flash drives too. Reformatted it to ext4 and it still mounted there.