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The small linux problem thread



Unfortunately I tried that and my home folder is still locked up. Currently on vacation and just got my laptop out and all I get is the loading cursor when navigating to my home folder. It’s been several minutes and hasn’t failed yet.


Recent Ubuntu mate update gave me some issues wenn loading the desktop.


What issues?


recent kernel update 4.15.0-24 slow boot times trowing an error relate to the ICE authority file.


Does anyone know how to use the youtube-dl script to extract audio from the the video file?

I typed this into terminal.
youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 <video URL>

and I get the following error.

audio conversion failed: file: Game of Thrones 6 OST - Light of the seven.mp3: invalid argument.

ffmpeg is installed. youtube-dl is up to date.


Need quotes somewhere maybe?


I got that command from here.

i dont see any quotes.


Try putting the youtube url in single quotes


no. invalid argument again.


Maybe something here will help


Now I get an error saying Cannot download video and extract audio into the same file. Use url.%(ext)s instead as an output template.

So I run the command again with that extension and now I get:
Syntax error near unexpected token '('


To me it seems like some shell expansion or white space or something is causing problems in the URL, but I could be wrong.


just as a base line, how about something like:

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3

As like a baseline test?
In case the url is the issue?


I am a noob with OBS… need help to know what to google to find the answer to the following.

I have a cam link that is getting video & audio.

I have the audio and video working when I record ( confirmed by test recording and then watching it afterward)
… but I would like to have the audio duplicated from the cam link (input) over the speakers while its recording too. (so i can listen)


open vlc and view the stream from the cam?


having two programs trying to use the same hardware wouldnt cause a conflict?


Dont think they should. It should be a readonly stream so no writing should be happening


Thanks i’ll give it a try


I have this weird issue where if I install the proprietary video drivers on Lubuntu, everything becomes extremely tiny. I’m using the now open-source, nvidia-driver-396.


Threw error. Wouldn’t work :frowning: