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The small linux problem thread



That’s the only drawback.
It’s made for KDE and depends on it of course.

Perhaps try out KDE Plasma :wink:


I am running KDE on my laptop (the freezing one). It’s great but I have a running and very nicely performing install with XFCE on a gaming machine and I’m not switching DE just for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


…What? This has nothing to do with IO its literally just interface lag. I’m not searching my apps or anything, I’m just moving my mouse around. I’m unlocking the system which is a ram based operation.


It has everything todo with IO lag. only time ive had gnome lag is on shitty HDDs


I’m running my system off of a 10K drive and have 0 problems in other DE’s like KDE or XFCE. I should just change DE’s.


I have latency, stutter and unresponsiveness issues with Gnome on HDD, but when I use it on my SSDs, it goes away.

Have you monitored system load during these lags?

KDE and XFCE might be a better option. Use what works for you.


Yeah it doesn’t spike or anything


Sounds like an IO issue then.

try watching sar ( it’s in the package sysstat)

check for iowait changes. Shouldn’t be more than 1% or 2% (on hdd)




It also does other stupid shit like fucking up a fullscreen game window


thats just gnome being gnome


Well fuck gnome then.


ive become a fan of cinnamon. does not have the same ecosystem as gnome but it works fairly well


I’m thinking I should stick to my WM’s TBH. I’m learning to like enlightenment ATM.


Enlightenment is not a bad choice. Honestly, I don’t have issues with Gnome 3. I am running it on Debian SID and Arch with Wayland sessions. I am using AMD hardware though. Are you by change using Gnome 3 on Ubuntu? I know that they just made the X session the default. Are you running Nvidia hardware?


I was on Ubuntu with Gnome 3 yeah, with an RX580. I blew all that out last night though and installed Void Linux. On enlightenment with X (regrettably with X grumble grumble) and its not giving me any shit. I’ve only set up a few things though. Gunna do cron for updates if you’ve seen that thread, couple other things too.


Canonical made X the default session because there were having issues with Wayland integration. Your experience may be one of the reasons why. If they are lifting it directly from Debian, they should not have issues. If they are doing things the Ubuntu way, well… Canonical likes to walk alone sometimes.


I believe that’s LTS only (correct me if not).


I remember reading it on Phoronix last month. Not sure if it was LTS or not. I don’t use Ubuntu. My wife has not booted into Ubuntu in almost a year.


So, probably a dumb question, with a sort of convoluted explanation, but for some reason I can’t get this working right.

Got a Fedora 27 installation, booting via UEFI/EFI. This server board (Asus Z9PE-D16/2L) has a terrible onboard video adapter (Aspeed AST2300) and it does not play nice with Wayland. At least, that’s what I am assuming is going on. It’s using the ast or llvmpipe driver for the graphics. To install I had to set ‘nomodeset’ to get a working desktop, running at 640x480.

After the install I booted still with the ‘nomodeset’ in the options, and on first login I set it to use Gnome on Xorg. When rebooting I removed ‘nomodeset’ and this gave me a distorted login screen, lines and stuff. To log in I hit enter (to select the user) then type in the password slowly, and I can vaguely see each keypress. Once logged in the screen is at the correct resolution (1680x1050) and not distorted, but if I go into settings it drops it down to 1024x768.

So, all of that I can sort of deal with. It’s buggy and bothersome, but I can probably deal with it. This system will mostly be sitting logged in at the desktop and I will remote into it when needed.

But I’d like to see if I can get it fixed and working right. Suggestions?