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The small linux problem thread






ah yes, forgot they called it that. thought you typo’d click


What’s the matter, never moused with a woman?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Side note, thread successfully derailed. My job here is done.


The Might Mouse worked on Windows and GNU/Linux. The gesture mouse seems to be a MacOS X thing. It will work on Windows if you are running Boot Camp or Parallels though.


I am a fan of these and tend to find them more usable than a small tack pad. that is what made the Think Pads so awesome. If it is an option, I would more than likely use it. But we are in a different time. Large track pads with gesture controls generally work for me now.


That’s funny, I always hated Apple’s mice.


My only issue with my Elitebook is that there isn’t a way to disable the trackpad, so when I’m working, my palm tends to rest on the trackpad. Needs to be disabled in software.


I can hear Steve Jobs say, you are just holding your hand wrong.


He made the trackpad for me I guess.

Slight caveat back to on-topic:

I was looking at getting an X1 Yoga this year. I’d mainly run Windows (Photoshop) on it, but I was wondering what Lenovo’s track record is for Linux support. I found a couple things online, but they were vague and mainly just wanted me to click on affiliate links.

Also wondering if I can get one with vpro turned off.


I always heard that if you wanted a laptop and wanted Linux to get a Lenovo.

I tried installing Linux ( Ubuntu, Elementary OS, SUSE )on a G series Lenovo and it worked excellently, not one problem.


Found some open-source drivers for Lenovo finger print readers



the non standard key layout sucks but i easily got used to it after a few weeks. Im now to the point where i can game on the keyboard layout just fine. Keyboard is fairly shit compared to my lenovo laptop but its still fairly good for a laptop.

The hotkeys first is the worse thing about the keyboard but thats something that you can fix with a udev file.


In General Lenovo has been pretty good as they did buy the laptop making arm of IBM. Just keep in mind that the ThinkPad and IdeaPad line have the better support. Their consumer grade stuff can be iffy. They are also known for the root kits and phone home firmware.


X1 Yoga is part of the Thinkpad line.

I remember they had some bloatware that was phoning home, but not firmware. That’s concerning. Also, just the Intel ME stuff, but I wonder if you can have them disable it. I think Wendell said something about Dell disabling it on request once. I figure Lenovo could do the same…


There are some tools in the FOSS world that can help you mitigate (but not turn off) IME. If Lenovo won’t do it, you still have options.


is nothing in the specs that would suggest incompatibility. You might have issues with the fingerprint reader but that should be about it


Little update to my multimonitor problem
Today i recieved a bunch of updates about mesa, those here to be precise:
The only thing that has changed is that now when i try to activate the third monitor i don’t get the error anymore, but Cinnamon glitches really bad…and i have to reboot the whole pc
It’s almost hilarious…almost :man_facepalming:


Have you tried another distro?


I’ve tried a live usb of the last ubuntu, it lets me set the monitors as they were originally working with Mint18.2 but i believe that the live usb works because it has not the update that messed up with Mint…