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The small linux problem thread



Yeah, it does’t happen enough for me to actually do anything about it. Just annoying when it does happen. Weird thing, though. I’d be curious to find out what causes it someday.


are you running KDE or KDM?


Figured this might get more attention if it was in here since my knowledge is a bit antiquated.


Thanks for the advice, I checked and i have installed all the latest updates available but there hasn’t been any change


Currently Budgie. It has happened on KDE, Gnome, and Unity.


ok. was wondering the KDE part because ive had it happen to me too but only on KDE or KDM


I may have fixed it, I disabled the screen from turning off and cranked up brightness on and off battery.

It’s not happened at all this morning, and I’ve been rudely locking my laptop and abruptly unlocking it lol.

Only happens on this laptop. Weird. The other laptop is nVidia card. Desktops are nVidia and AMD.


it seems to be fairly device agnostic because my main laptop is a macbook air and its still affected but ive never had it happen on my optimus laptop


Is the Macbook Intel graphics?

Off Topic
Do you run OS X and Linux or just Linux on the Macbook Air? I’ve been looking at getting a personal one. My job gave us a MBP 13" and XPS 13", but I was looking at the non-touchbar 15" MBP.

Honestly, though, I spend more time in Linux and Windows VMs when on OS X, so I don’t even know if it would be worth it…


i almost exclusively use linux on it but i keep a copy of OSX on it because its a “school” computer. I love the hardware and the feel macbooks have but i hate the apple tax that goes along with it.

If your looking at getting a macbook pro then i would go with a semi-old one. It will have better linux compatibility and actually be more of a “pro” device.


I’ve got a question that’s a bit off topic: How do you feel about their non-standard key layout for ctrl, alt, super. I’ve been recently working with one and every damn time, I hit the wrong key. :frowning:

Late 2013 macbook pro, aside from the keyboard it’s a wonderful machine.


I hate where they put the darn function key on the left side. It is right where the CTRL key should be. Why not just replace the meta key with a FN key like every other sane vendor. I mean, I use the meta key but at least it can be accessed with right-click or two-finger click.


Because apple is special and better.


Point taken. It still makes me want to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ every time someone asks me to take a look at their “Apple”.


I have to go back and forth between Mac and Linux a lot. It’s like my hands are bilingual. You have compartmentalize the muscle memory.

That said, I still get mixed up with hotkey functions that only exist on one… I often type math equations into the gnome search thing like it’s Spotlight, and I hit F1 to get a pulldown terminal in macOS.

Yeah, I hate this as well as it’s even a problem going between desktop Macs with full keyboards to the laptops.


So, I’m going to take this conversation as conclusive evidence that apple knows absolutely nothing about UX. That should trigger the fanboys.


A $900 billion trackpad company.


And they can’t even build those correctly.

Trackpad must have a fallback of clit mouse. HP and Lenovo have it right.


I must admit that I was a big fan of the mighty mouse back in the day. The Gesture Mouse blew my mind, until I found out that it can only be used on a Mac :expressionless:


It’s a mouse…

Does it really not work on other OS?