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The small BSD problem thread


Depends what it is, but the “BSD way” is that any configuration settings are in:

  • /etc

and those files are copied from/override settings that are listed in

  • /etc/defaults

i.e., /etc/defaults contains config files with every setting explicitly spelled out with its default setting specified. anything in /etc is read after /etc/defaults and thus over-rides what is set in /etc/defaults

so, either remove the specific configuration file from /etc, or hash everything out in it and you should get the defaults from /etc/defaults.

same goes for ports - they use /usr/local/etc/defaults or /usr/local/etc. as appropriate in general.

I’d recommend any FreeBSD user to have a look at the configuration files in /etc/defaults - as they can give you an idea of what configuration options CAN be set.



I forget and am lazy to look, was someone trying to install OpenBSD on a pi?

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I forgot to ask sooner, what version are you running? If it is a snapshot build that might explain the breakage.

You can remove all the non-system packages and configuration with one easy command:
rm -rf /usr/local
or just rewrite the pi image at that point. Not too much setup involved was there?



No, borked almost straight from the start.
I’m running Freebsd 12.0RELEASE
I’ve run the command you wrote and now it says that pkg isn’t installed and that it’s already installed when I try to install it. Haha oh, joy xD

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I’m trying to make freebsd work normally on Pi3b+ fwiw…



pkg isn’t installed after you run that command. nothing is installed. do what it’s telling you, pkg-static install -f pkg

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@freqlabs, here you go. The whole command history.

P.S.: I’m not chonky, the shirt is oversized, I swear!



Oh derp. also remove /var/db/pkg
And I guess pkg-static and pkg swapped locations in freebsd 12, that explains the pkg-static not found. Weird I did not notice that until now. So that’s why the pkg-static commands haven’t been working as expected



YES! That worked! Gnome is installing. Thanks a bunch :smiley:
This just turned from 1 year FreeBSD setup challenge to an actual 1 Year FreeBSD Challenge
If I could buy you a beverage, I would!



oh got ya, I did see a video on FreeBSD too but looks like you got it working! @freqlabs coming in clutch with the knowledge!