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The situation with smart sockets, switches and lights in 2021 Q3

I welcome any comments on this.

I have been testing the waters with some smart sockets combined with scheduling. It’s been quite good, saved me some time now and again.

I can remotely turn on and off the office lights, PC (well, only start up) and kettle, which is one of those boil and pour jobbies. I admit the latter is to make it feel like someone cares for me in the morning :frowning:

I quite like being able to see how much power I’ve been using:

I had a little test schedule for the kitchen light, it would turn blue at 10pm and then set to low light at 11pm. A few hours before sunrise, it would switch back to white and then X hours after sunrise, it would turn off.

This was quite good, but then one day I noticed that it stopped working…and the warning was in Chinese.

I began reading up and found out, what is obvious to you all, but not me initially, was that the data was going quite far before getting to the actual device. So I tried Home Assistant on my server (TrueNAS), got it working’ish, but it lacked a lot of features that the phone app has (power usage mainly). Fair play to the voluntary group that does the clever coding, but for a non-coder, it was a bit tricky.

I’m now sort of stuck with 8 Gosund plugs and 2 Govee Hydrometer/Thermometer’s (I admit they were all bought during special offers, so not the end of the world)


So to me it seems each manufacturer, wants their ecosystem to be used and nothing else, I guess for the value of data or something. It makes them less reluctant to allow Home Assistant to be used easily, or it’s simply the wrong coding language / frequency.

If I was interested in this smart world, what should I do that doesn’t drain the hours I have every day? Or should I wait until the water has settled a bit more?


Are these convertible with tasmota/esphome/tuya-convert (are they perhaps mentioned in UK Devices Configuration for Tasmota)

Also ZigBee stuff tends to work well for me across ecosystems - (I use zigbee2mqtt within home assistant with an old cc2531 based dongle), I’ve tried lights and sockets from IKEA , lights from Philips and light switches from Aqara (xiaomi).
I also have some esp32 and esp01s boards for various things.

Also, my Home Assistant is integrated with Google Home for voice control / routines / scheduling… I find it easier to setup stuff like that with voice.

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Basically this. You need to flash your devices with Tasmota and use a Zigbee/zWave bridge for those other items that cannot be flashed and do not use WiFi. From there, you can use HA to design the dashboards that give the same information as the vendor applications. Definitely take your stuff out of the cloud. There is no reason for your switch to hit server in China before it can do anything.

Home Assistant has become so noob friendly now with integrations, design and setup. I also have mine integrated with Google’s Home Assistant and it works like a champ.