The "Service Guarantees Citizenship" bauge means that SOME moderators are volunteers here, correct? If so, what are the requirements?

Ok, I know I’m not even close to the requirements to get the Service Guarantees Citizenship badge on Level1Techs Forums! But I’m wondering, what are the requirements to earn that badge?

I would guess you have to be at least TL2 or even TL3 to receive it!

Be in the community for some length of time (probably somewhere around 6 months to a year, maybe longer)!

And most importantly: Be active in the community!

If I am mistaken on anything I said, please correct me!

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First thought I got was actually being a moderator would be essential.
Perhaps I’m not interpreting your question properly?

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They should chime in😉


It seems to me that more of the moderators are either a-staff of L1T or b-community members promoted by current moderators.

Not sure there is any way to automatically gain the status; gotta be earned by reputation and attitude.

Which makes sense to me, as the people who do well in the community (and don’t cause trouble) are in a good place to shepherd the community of which they are a part.


I didn’t mention I think the current batch are good, mostly light touch, preferring to warn.

Bans might seem either all or nothing, rather than more, smaller bans, but that’s just what I see; perhaps I don’t see the smaller ones.

Special shout out to Sarge, who puts a lot, like, a Lot of his personal time and effort in to the forum…

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Old-mods that are no longer active in the community but are respected either way.


I interpreted it as a moderator that has left the moderator role, like:

“Now, for my first official act as a moderator, I resign! Now can I haz badge?”

Maybe it’s also given to mods that found out where the bodies are buried and had to be disappeared. (Hint they are in in the dumpster. It don’t have to be like that, but it do!)

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All moderators are volunteers.

I’m not sure what the financial situation for the staff members is, out side the fact that they work together and all work on Level1, so I assume (hope) they get paid for that work.

GIgabuster also does work with Wendell and Level1, but to my knowledge, his moderator position does not come with a paycheck.

Frankly, I don’t care that much about who gets paid for what. Not my business, waste of time for me to be interested in it.

As an admin, I do not get a paycheck either. I only took the position for organizational reasons, so I could help manage the forum a bit more. Functionally, the admin role is just root access to the control panel of Discourse; it comes with a few more bells and whistles.

I created this badge in July 2019 as a thank you to Wolfleben when he stepped down, as he was a massively positive influence on the forum and all around great guy. I retroactively granted it to NJM and Alamar, who were moderators in the past, (and had stepped down before I was around) and when it was apparent that Goalkeeper was not coming back, he earned it as well.

The requirements to earn that badge is to have served a tenure as a moderator and step down.


Level1 cannot comment on ongoing investigations. :troll:


Mods are basically all volunteers.

A little trip back to memory lane.
Back in the days we started with a small group of mods.
Me, Giga and Qain are still around.
Most other mods have been promoted from leader to mod over the years.
And some have been promoted because they are great members.
If we need more mods in the future we will definitelly look at options.

Mods that stepped down are getting the Service Guarantees Citizenship badge as a big thank you.





Where is my favorite doggo loving keeper? The guy that liked everysingle post that anyone ever posted?


Doggo L1 Heaven. His time has passed.


Well yeah sometimes i do miss the old days a bit really.
because of the many cool people and mods that left.

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Even the uncool people provided memories. Kai was the worst smart ass ever :joy:


Well lets say there were a few… :wink:


Hahahaaahh funny girl… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All good things…

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Get a room, you two.