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The RYZEN whatever thread! Anything. Just ANYTHING on RYZEN



Annoying, but also unsurprising.
Im more surprised/angry at the Windows 8 one than the windows 7 one tbh.


Now we are beginning to realize the backroom stinky deals that have been made.

Microsoft : If you want better support from our os than you have had in the past.

Amd : Okay ? We will help you force everyone on to the win 10 plat.

speculation on my part just by appearances.


This is a decision made by Microsoft and no one else.




AMD would like to support the older OSes and did do some testing with them but microsoft is the one with the final say in how the windows OS works.


I see.....They are doing it to everyone. Stand corrected. So windows thinks they have the power.

This has already been stated before even tho the existing intel processors is a surprise. If everyone migrated to Linux and flipped MS the bird, they would change their tune :)


Has anyone tested ryzen on ubuntu with handbrake? I am interested in the results of handbrake hevc transcoding with medium speed, and quality of 23.



Like the reference :)


They absolutely would not because at this point they could not afford that anymore. Microsoft needs all Windows users on the same soon to be ad supported platform to keep it profitable. And mobile operating systems are pushing hard.


Maybe ? but from my stand point. I would rather fund and back Linux to improve their gaming performance. At least they have a little respect for the user. Android and Windows has long became a platform of awful in that regard.


That is actually rather easy: whenever you are interested in a game and it does not support linux natively, don't buy it.


i forget where it was but this is really interesting, someone was arguing with me about how "memory speed doesnt matter" but...


Ram speeds didn't matter at ddr2 and ddr3... Not anymore...

BTW, does anyone have any experience with Asrock B350 Pro4? I am planning on making a build around it, but I'd like to know if there are any huge issues with it or anything...


I thought even DDR4 doesn't matter a lot on Intel stuff.
This seems very specific to the ZEN architecture.


Seems quite specific to APUs/integrated graphics (as ram speeds have always helped in this department afaik). And apparently now it matters when talking about Ryzen, but not intel. These are very generalized statements of course but that is what I've gathered.


Not being a computer scientist I am boning up on what that means.


You can get a Ryzen to hard lock when doing FMA3 instructions. A bugg that all hopes are fixable by microcode update. Not any official word from AMD, but unofficial word that they'll fix it with microcode updates.


Something along the lines of not enough power is what i get. If you are overclocking it may not be an issue for some.


According to the HWBot thread, disabling SMT also fixes it. Information points to that AMD knew about it a couple of months ago, but validating new microcode takes time.


For me it seems like any system with DDR4 conjures more frames when going past some FPS, but I can't do any tests myself before Taichi happens for Scandinavia. This is the only reason I have managed to come up from all these DDR4 speed tests showing either zero to steady increase.

What this would mean for some games is that lowering couple settings would get you past that magical line like 60FPS, DDR4 kicks in and you gain extra 15FPS.

Closest example, GTX 1080 & Ryzen 1700 @ 4.0GHz.

For that game it probably is 90FPS which is not realistically something I'd bother aiming for, and if I'm just wrong then these flat lines are even more bizarre.