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That sounds familiar to what I am experiencing. What is your memory running at?

Here is a funny thing: My memory controller likes 1V SOC. It does not like less, it does not really care about more. My memory seems to run stable at 2933MHz at 1.0V SOC only. It actually crashes at higher SOC voltage.

For the chip, depending on what the load is it might be perfectly fine at 3.9GHz or not. And it looks like voltage needs to spike massively to even get there. So 3.8 is gonna be my speed as well. That is what I set it to in the first place and I have nothing to complain about, it runs great. I mean, we already are beating a stock 1800X in multicore stuff, so…


The best solution to get my four sticks of 2666 RAM stable proved to be nudging up their voltage from 1.20 to 1.30 V. In the newer firmwares for my Asus Prime X370 the default SoC voltage has gone up from 0.90 to 0.95 and that’s doing fine here now.


Yeah, I just dialed in 1.35V on the memory and that does help a lot. I am also on four sticks.


ryen 3 1300x now on newegg $129
also ryzen 3 1200 $109
should be 4 cores 4 threads. newegg specs show 4 cores 8 threads


3.9Ghz on my 1700 (on a Taichi) at 1.35v with BCLK untouched, all very stable, had it running for hours on Aida64 stability test and no BSODS yet :slight_smile:


Nice! What kind of cooling?

Ryzen 3 is upon us.


Not hugely impressed tbh… Yeah it rekts the i3 but the Pentium still seems a better value at least for gaming.

However with Intel possibly getting rid of it leaving only the i3… It becomes more relevant. But yeah if the i3 was worthless before it’s even more worthless now…

Prob still better getting a 1400.

Also these low end CPUs are hamstrung by lack of an iGPU

RR needs to hurry the fuck up

EDIT: Just read Tom’s HW rather than TPU. They tested at 1080p rather than 720. Makes it look a lot better and is prob more realistic.

Ryzen 3 budget king. i3 is now even more worthless and the Pentium really is struggling.


Cooler is Noctua NH-D15 se-am4, stays under 70deg C (delta 45 over ambient) memory is 3200 Gskill Flare @ 3200 XMP 1 profile



I’m guessing here, two sticks, 16GB?

I have to run my ripjaws V a little slower because I have 4x8GB. Still have to memtest the shit out of it.
I was actually thinking about going down to 16GB and try to run at 3200. But I think the performance difference would hardly be worth it.


Correct, 2x8GB. I run Win10 and Sony Vegas, the 16GB lets me edit and encode 800GB of raw video without running short. Transcoding a one hour game stream takes me 60mins, used to take 2hrs on my old 3930K rig with 64GB of ram.


I think this one is new:

I am just wondering if my 700 W gold will handle this. Well i have a 850W bronze laying around… somewhere.

EDIT: lel the X399 Gaming Pro is not new it’s in the link that @trucker posted. But the AM4 motherboards are new. Interesting design.


always knew the g4560 would be its target to beat but I think the ryzen gives you the better upgrade path.


4Ghz seems to be gettable for most chips at 1.425v, the max 24/7 voltage that AMD recommends, or a bit less.

@trucker, It does automatically drop to PCIe 2.0 but you can manually reset PCIe back to ver 3.0 with the higher bclk settings if you want. Your GPU and any NVME you have may not like it though.

Having said that, I can still do a 21300 graphics score in firestrike with a GTX 1070, PCIe 2.0 and BCLK of 105.7mhz so you dont actully loose much, if any graphics performance.


I would not recommend running above 1.375 for a system that is supposed to last multiple years, even when temps are in check.
Doable? Yes, on most chips. A good idea? … hmmmm :thinking:


I guess if you want to cheap out and buy a b350 or a really cheapy x370, you are probably right. A board with a decent VRM and some fans in the case and you should be fine.

Those features should be prerequisites if you are planning on overclocking anyway.


I am not talking about the board but about degrading the chip.


I’d like to see a reference to 1.425v for 24/7 operation from AMD, do you have one handy?


How to install a Threadripper into a MSI mobo. By MSI.


Music kindly provided by porn.


how long do you plan on having the PC before you upgrade it? 5 years is a very long time to hang on to a CPU, while over 1.4v might degrade the cpu a bit over time yje life of the chip is still likely to exceed the 5 year mark