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Good old AMD Soon


It works best with an extra dose of "Where's VEGA?!"


I mean what is so hard to put a date on it and not just it will be here in this qtr, o what gotta push it back a few more.


AM4 ITX ASRock boards spotted at NCIXUS, but out of stock atm.

For some ungodly reason, the price is inflated.


Now just to wait for a reasonably priced one. I believe they were supposed to be $170 for the X370 and less for the AB350, but I assume these are placeholder prices. AKA scalping people who can't wait to pre-order effectively.


Rumors flying about an on-silicon B2 fix from AMD. Generated from a Canard tweet, whatever that is.

RYZEN 3 Spotted!


Are there any 10gbe boards yet or just 5gbe


So, I was just talking with someone on the pgp stream and it seems like my chip might be pretty ok. Up to this point I just cranked multi to 38 and left everything else on auto because ... lazy and shit just worked. Memory was running at 2666MHz, 16, 16, 16, 16, 36 at 1.35V.

I bumped the SOC to 1.1V and the memory is now running fine at 2933 with the same timings. After that I tried lowering vcore. I haven't done lots of testing but so far I was able to finish a blender rendering (the classroom demo file, takes about 12:20 on my rig) at 1.25V at 3.8GHz. 1.2V crashed instantly. So somewhere in that range....

So, what are you at? Tell me about your OC experience.


You did basically what I did,,, but then I used bclk to get ram past 3200 and of course break the 3.9 barrier for cpu.


"Both AMD’s Zen 2 and Zen 3 x86 processors will be made in 7nm. "
Bout fell outta my chair when I read that sentance, yea I think I can live with my FX for a lil while longer :slight_smile:

3 days till Ryzen 3
Aug 10th looks .....nevermind @DerKrieger just beat me to the ripper launch date


TR retail packaging. Lisa for scale


Put a button on one of the lower corners, some kind of antenna on the top and you have a CRT-TV mockup.


Reaction from Santa Clara, California

insert expletive here


The blue man group collectively just browned their trousers :smiley:


Looks really nice.


So, I got a little bit more testing in, still just using the classroom blender demo file. I tried 3.9GHz and at 1.25V it crashed instantly. I gave it a bunch more power to play with and after dialing it down step by step it turns out 1.325 crashed half way in while the next step 1.33125 made it through. I feel that is still fairly good and just to give it a bit of headroom I settled now for 1.35V @3.9GHz. 4.0GHz is not gonna happen on this chip. Not even on 1.4V and I am not even gonna try any further.

I would like to know if that is somewhat similar to what you all have experienced so far because to me it looks like there isn't much "lottery" in ZEN silicon. Anyone got a 4.1GHz unicorn? Or a 3.8GHz potato?

Ryzen short cuts

Just glancing through the overclocking stuff on other forums one guy got to 4 with 1.408v
Mostly I was investigating BCLK oc'ing on ryzen and it seems at 6% the pcie drops from level 3 to 2. Which is a shame since the turbo has a really nice swing of .7ghz


Something isn't stable yet. Have to do more testing. It might be a balancing act between the memory which is at 2933 on four sticks and the CPU at 3.9GHz. I probably have to dial back at least one of the two. I mean, I'm not on a high-end board and I am on air cooling, so realistically I can't complain.


24 hours from now Ryzen 3 will start shipping and all they hype is for threadripper
Don't know if that is good or bad


4 ghz 1.36v-1.37v (depending on vdroop) with 1800X on air for me.
Ill probably try to get the Crosshair VI extreme for it as I'm going to be building a custom water build soonish so will see what it can do.


I've been testing more precise settings for my R7-1700 lately after finally getting the RAM stable at its rated speed. Focused on finding a decent clock while keeping the power demand/noise low, I ended up settling for 3.8 GHz. Going up to the ca 1.4 V required for stability at 3.9 GHz didn't feel worth it, for a mere 2.6 % boost.

Load testing with Prime 95(In Place FFT for max power draw) I ended up at either a plain 1.30 V core, or a combined setting of 1.25 V togehter with a core LLC at 3. Both settings give a peak recorded core voltage of 1.384 V over the course of a 30 min test. (It was more common to see the voltage linger around 1.30 V.)

Out of curiosity I got 3.7 GHz stable with a plain 1.225 V core. A level of performance/power perhaps fitting a smaller system that doesn't have a cooler like this Noctua NH-D15S that I'm using.

I started out my testing using voltage offset values instead of set values, but that proved to be more temperamental stability-wise and I don't feel like taking it up again. Aside from wishing for a motherboard with P-state support I'm pretty much finished testing this setup.