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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



Pre-launch leaks, rumours and what-not went in this thread. Press releases and reviews go in the "no BS" thread, incl. peoples experiences with OC-ing and which memory works with which motherboard, etc.


Has there been any release dates for x370 or b350 itx boards? Saw the biostar ones were announced buy can't see any concrete details.


Bought a 32GB RAM kit, G.Skill 3200MHz fully aware that it would not run at that speed on my system. But hey, it was cheap and it might work fine in a few weeks or months or with the next revision of RYZEN. Not so long ago this kit would not run at the speeds it does now... Anyway, doubled my capacity without giving up the speed I already had, so I'm happy.

Current spec list:


Asus Prime X370 Pro
RYZEN 7 1700 @3.8GHz under a Noctua NH-U14S
32GB (4x8) G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200 @2666
Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro
Intel X540 T2 10GBit dual NIC
HyperX Predator 240GB M.2 on PCIe card (scratch)
Intel 600P 120GB M.2 NVMe SSD (main OS)
Intel series 730 240GB SATA SSD (secondary OS .. probably)
Sandisk Ultra II 960GB SATA SSD (games)
Western Digital RED 4TB SATA HDD (storage)


I'm considering doing exactly that as well. I think I would prefer 32G. I am leaning to 2 x 16G however. Im just torn on the MB it's the Asus Prime X370 Pro or the X370 Taichi. I like the fact the Asrock board because it has 10 Sata ports and I run a BTRFS pool on my desktop. I need to overcome my data hoarding urges.


If you need those ports ... well, not much to choose really. If you don't, the Prime X370 Pro is a lot cheaper and does a pretty good job. The Taichi has the external clock generator but it wouldn't make sense to pay for that if you don't have a full plan setup how to use that feature.


Hello to everyone in the forum, glad to be here.

I'd like to ask the ryzen guys here about their CPU temperatures. I'm running a ryzen 5 1600x on gigabyte ax370 gaming 5 with 2x8gb g.skill flare x 3200 ram. The CPU cooler i use is noctua nh-d15 with both fans. BIOS is F5.

My idle temp for CPU is reported at around 51C (in bios and in hwmonitor)
Max temp when running prime95 on all cores goes to around 80C

Does ryzen 5 1600x also have the 20C temp offset and are these temps normal for 1600x?


As mentioned a couple of posts above my 1700X idles at around 33° and the hottest I've seen so far while gaming was 40°. I stil haven't stress-tested it though...



@piydek The 1600x also has the 20c offset.

@noenken 4x8 @2666 I'm impressed / jealous!!!


Oh crap, forgot to mention the exact product name of the kit. So, it is:
CL 16-16-16-36 at 1.35V

Anything above 2666 would not work, not even on timings given by Wendell's calculator.
But the kit was 244,- Euro including tax and shipping which is pretty good for german pricing.
And as I mentioned I am completely fine with the speed.

Confusion about Ryzen Memory Ranks/Clocks

I think the 'recommended" speed of 4 sticks is 2133.

Man that's cheap, I paid 240 euros ish ( exchange rate ) for the flare x 3200, good to know if I want to stick 2 more in I shouldn't have to go much lower in speed.


Hardware Unboxed did some testing with lower end GPU cards vs RAM speed.

It kind of satisfies me in planning on 32G of ram for my Ryzen build and 2666 more if I am lucky. For now I am sticking with my RX 480.


Yeah, you will always end up better off just buying a better GPU instead of faster RAM, it doesn't make a lot of sense given the price difference. And if you really are running a 1080Ti or so, then why bother optimizing for 1080p anyway? It will run fine.

On my board in general yes, that is correct (or it was last time I checked). But with new UEFI versions, updated microcode and more testing on all sides, that recommendations list is changing a lot currently.


My dilemma is whether i should get a 3000 kit and hope for 2933. or just buy a 2666 kit.


You've made me really want 32gb now :sweat_smile:

@Ungari depends on budget obviously but I'd go with 3000 or 3200, because the "infinity fabrics" performance is somewhat ram speed dependent.


I bought the lower tier X370 that doesn't support 3200 profiles, and users are not having much success with manual settings. The number of QVL kits are low.


Fair one, tbh I don't see any real world difference between running my ram at 2666 or 3200 (I'm running 16gb flare x 3200 with a 1700 pc'd to 3.8). Some tight timings 2666 would do you proud I'm sure.


What would you consider tight timings for 2666?
Also, the stick I'm looking at is on the QVL at 2666, but they offer the same model at 3000, which if lucky will automatically work at 2933. However, the 3000 version is not listed, and therefore I'm not confident as to how this will work even though the same make/model at 2666 is listed.


Ripjaws v 2666 15-15-15-35, but their trident z 3000 is 15-16-16-35 and about the same price it appears.

Whichever you choose you'll have to enable xmp to get above 2400, and be prepared for some fiddling. The new bios for my mobo stopped me being able to easily boot with 3200.


The 3000 stick was cheaper in this case also.


What ram are you looking at?