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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion




I have 4x 16GB sticks of GSkill Trident Z 3600MHz memory running at 3200MHz with timings 18-16-16-36 CR1

Chose those timings to give headroom, haven't tried tighter timings but it works.
Got it working first try as well so with good memory/cpu/motherboard, 3200MHz with 4 dims of dual rank memory is very much possible


What board is that?


Crosshair VI Hero


Hm, so Asus have fixed some stuff... Interesting...


Would definitively be interesting to see how much performance difference there is between 2400/2666 on basic boards vs 3200+ on the CHVI and so on. Basically value build vs maximum performance build.


Well that's interesting...


I need MOAR money.


who doesn't?


After seeing the last TeamPGP stream... I'm ok with my 8c/16t system for game and recording rig.


Note to people with ASUS boards. Don't used tpu. Clocked my CPU at 4.2 with 1.57v. Not healthy.

Side note, voltage wall hits my chip at 4.1.



So I was interested in the MSI B350 Krait... I want to build a black and white system... So i was interested, until i actually saw what it looks like...

It looks horrible.


Finally some juicy tidbits for the blue collar gamer:)


I wonder when are these coming out, and the model numbers.
I don't see any fast 2x16 GB for a 32 GB setup on the list, they go from 16 to 32


So far that is a dual rank kit, made by G.skill and a few others -- and the only motherboard confirmed to work with Dual Rank is @Rudster Crosshair 6


It looks exactly like the designer spilled milk on his sketch and thought, wow yes this is an inspired design.
And that's how we ended up with the MSI Spilled Milk Krait Edition.


I would have been less nice to it and say the designer "spilled" something else and we have MSI Jizz Krait...
But let's go with milk...


These are the 4 Core Zen Based 'Raven Ridge' APU's though with integrated GPU supposedly. I wonder what architectural differences there are against Ryzen 7, I expect there's quite a few die changes, such as not using binned Zen Die's.

Some other speculation also says that it will be using a GCN 4.0 Polaris GPU with possibly HBM? memory. Which could make it seriously capable iGPU platform.


Is this hardware or bios support for other boards like Asrock Taichi?