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What the actually fig......

The Ryzen 5 1600X has a lower TDP then the 6850k and beats it in single and multi threaded benchmarks


rofl that featured image isnt even AM4 motherboard in the guys hand
is some AM2 board


I know but if this turns out to be true I am totally going to build a ryzen mini itx with this beast


i can simlaute a ryzen r5 right now lol
disbale 2 cores on my 1800x and clock it to what, 4.3ghz? that would be a safe guess for the 6cores to turbo to?


Is Ryzen a FreeNAS dream with ECC Memory?


Depends on the board I guess. It might be.


You can't be more wrong... Its DDR1 board. AM2 socket don't have a hole in the middle. It's 754 socket, or as i like to call it - Sempron socket. Back at those days AMD had 754 for lower end budget sempron CPUs and 939 socket for Athlons. Then, when DDR2 and SATA2 were introduced, AMD combined the socket into an AM2 socket for all CPUs...


its old as hell was my point i dont care what specific one it is lol


at least it wasnt a slot processor board rofl


A photo from the Glory days of AMD. But that article smells like absolute nonsense right now, first they call it the 1600X then the 1600K. Nevermind the state of the sentence construction and phrasing. It really reads like some fanboy is trying to drive up share prices to make a profit or some such trickery.


I'm struggeling to find a tool to read ryzen voltages and temperatures in linux. I am running at 3.8GHz on my 1700 and have everything else on auto in the UEFI. So far it seems completely solid but before I hammer the chip running handbrake or something I would like to have a way of monitoring it. Auto settings can get a little "v-core happy".

MOAR rambling... two things:

First, by now we have all seen the benchmarks of ryzen at 1080p and how it is often declared that the 7700K is still better for pure gaming. To legitimize these benchmarks it is always pointed out how many gamers according to steam are still running their games in 1080p or less. Which is dumb. Because 98% of those are not gaming on 1080p because they want 200fps but because most systems are simply not made out of Titan X ..s (plural, .. many.. you know what I mean). On the CPU side this is mostly i3 and i5 territory, lots of them haswell and older. And this vast majority just isn't even in the market for a 300-350,- dollar/euro CPU.

But that aside, secondly, maybe we should rethink why we actually have PCs over consoles. Framerates are a thing, sure. But for me the answer was always because it can do lots of stuff and a lot of that at once. I can read stuff on the second screen or watch por.. I mean youtube or twitch or listen to music and also have a vm or two running in the background and all of that while playing a game and maybe even streaming that gameplay. On a quad core i7, or even worse i5, that might impact my game and I would probably have to reduce the stuff that is going on in the background. But then I would lose my main reason to go with the pc in the first place. Actually at that point I don't see a big difference between a PC and a console anymore. #pcpeasant

Most people here know all that of course but I still just can not process why so many reviewers are basing their conclusion on flawed arguments and outdated views of how PCs are used.


It blows me away at how many people would rather have marginal single core performance over twice the cores and threads.


Hwinfo64 so far has been most reliable for temps, and CPUZ ... Is sometimes working for volts lol. Sometimes.


You know what would be nice to see.......... Someone fill the new amd4 platform IO completely up and pounded it for what it is worth. More interested in that than the gaming thing.


Like put many gpus, ssds, etc in?

I have a 390+390x + pcie SSD+ I could maybe get an m.2 ssd... Maybe... And I has sata hdds. Also I already have filled most of the IO already lol.
Is on MSI Titanium.


I was thinking Allyn but i am game for all info.


One thing I'm curious to see if it works or not is display passthrough with the chipset. Because I know some older mobos allow for using the built on display outs through the dedicated GPUs if there is no APU.
Could see what happens anyway, probably won't work but will be a thing to test anyway


The joy of testing, man. :) If it does not work, how can one work around it.

RUMOR: Ryzen 5 in 2 weeks... RUMOR...


ASUS Prime B350 Plus is a no go on bios fixes unless you backtrack to the original bios. Out of the box it works with above 2133mhz ram. With any bios update it doesn't work at all. The con with using the og bios is that no program reads the Core VID properly. All of them say it is at 1.550v. With a bios fix it breaks the faster ram but fixes the voltage readings. So I will wait like the rest of you for a faster ram fix. Until then I will be happy to be able to read my voltages.

Update: Voltages are still incorrect from bios to cpu-z. I am going to excahnge this Asus board for the MSI one. Man CPU launches can be agonizing.