The Rise of Digital Distribution

Hello there!

I was really curious what you think about digital distribution and the direct and long-term causes of it.

It can't be argued that the digital distribution is a rising trend novadays. Movies, music, books and games are moving to a new more convinient format. It is really fast, confy and cheap, but is our lazyness worth transferring everything to the internet? Will all this fall on us later? What movies can I watch in 35 years if I only "had" them in Netflix or will we invent a proper solution for all this? Does it even need to be solved?

(PS: Steam FTW)

There is no reason to think it will fail us. Not being able to rewatch a 35 year old show on Netflix is the same as not being able to watch the one movie you rented from blockbuster as a kid. If you come to own, lets say, a movie and you chose to keep it through out your life(transferring it to your new hard drives and changing its format if an old one dies out) then there is no reason you would lose it. This isn't a trend, it is how things will continue to progress until physical copies of things are more of a niche market much like vinyl is today.