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The right thermal pads for the job


Hey guys, so I just got 2 RX 580’s. Both are used and both were pretty cheap. They are both the MSI ARMOR RX 580 8GB. Anyways I went ahead and pulled off one of the cooling shrouds and noticed that the thermal pads were not fully centered on the VRAM. I would like to change the VRM and VRAM pads but I am not sure the thickness and W/MK I should get. I know the more w/mk is better. But does the thickness play a role as well?


The thickness plays a role, but the most important thing is to get thick enough so they make contact…
If the pads are too thick they will get squished in between the chips and the cooler, so this shouldn’t really be that much of an issue.


Where would I be able to find out what thickness I need. I dont have any callipers at the house and dont really want to buy any just for this. Is there a spec sheet? Ive emailed MSI but so far no word from them


Well, you can test it… Get a 1mm thick, try it out, if the VRM and the mem chips doesn’t do contact - get 1,5mm thick…
I couldn’t find any reviews of the GPU, and I don’t think they are the same as the Nvidia cards…


Would have to guess, but @psycho_666 's 1mm or 1.5mm should work.