The return of Zippy

For those of you that remember me, I'm back.

So... What's new? I haven't been around for a few months but I'm sick of XDA so I plan to share my development with you guys for the coming future as I find you guys to be more intelligent and to be able to speak with me on my level. Not to mention, I had a few friends here... Does @SpaceCat still work? ;)

Well... I don't really care to know what the stage of the Tek is. It isn't any of my business. I just hope that some of the people that were on TS are still around and active

I have a few ideas up my sleeve for the future of the forums and I'm happy to be back.

By the way, the new site is a lot cooler. Like the colors


This is the real tek ( tech ).

Welcome back!

Your old account should work by the way. Just do a PW reset.

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I don't want to cause a division or anything but I sort of agree with you. Crit seems less focused on technology which is why I liked Tek Syndicate in the first place. I learned a lot from these guys.

Things have hashed out well in the end.

What projects do you have coming up? zenfone 3 deluxe root?


I was potentially thinking of doing something to the degree of a community Linux kernel hosted on my Git where everyone here can contribute and can learn about Linux and Git. We can have discussions about changes and stuff like that in PRs and do polls on new implementations and improvements to the kernel itself. In essence, it would be a community spin off of Linux just like Linux-Ck

As for Android stuff, I'm primarily a kernel developer. I maintain two kernels for the OnePlus X and I'm an AOSPA maintainer for it as well though I'm learning from the previous maintainer.

I'd be more than happy to tackle something like rooting the Zenfone 3... Try this:

Dirty Cow wasn't patched in Google's November security patches so it might work for you. However it should be noted that Dirty Cow is a serious exploit. As a matter of fact, I have it patched in both of my kernels

PS: posting from this account because my new one is suspended for a day because I'm a new user according to it

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Dirty c0w takes some know how to exploit it.

Not sure what you would do on linux. would have to modify something like the passwd binary by overwriting it so that it wont ask for a password

Read the article. It covers everything you need to know. It is definitely possible on Linux and I can easily exploit it myself.

read it before. does what i just said in a automated way

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I'm interested in learning to compile and modify the kernel. Among my other programming projects one is running an RPI or odroid in an automotive/marine application. Most interested in slimming the OS and minimizing boot time. Need to interface with can bus and some general IO for extra sensors.

If you get it started maybe I'll pester you and lend a hand. Will be a good learning experience.


Yo welcome back.

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Wb. Looks like you might need an account fix. @wendell

what do I need to do? rename account? or ?

I'm fine Wendell. Just changed my account credentials. Thanks though

Cool. I'll push Linux-CK to my Git today and open a thread.

Welcome back @Zippy_Parmesian1

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Ah I just figured you had the account issue (saw the 1 at the end of your username) that we saw after the the old breach and the recent domain move.

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Now not only do we have a fork of Linux-CK but we also have own our Git! Check it out here:

I will be making a post discussing it shortly.

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It's just a cosmetic issue really. Just bugs me slightly. Nothing urgent or anything like that