The Real Pronunciation of GIF

I remember that on one of the previous inbox videos Logan and Wendell went over the pronunciation of some tech terms, but now we know the "real" way to say GIF.

Pronounce it like the peanut butter.


i'm going to call it gif and there's nothing you can do to stop me, and on that note you'll never make me say p.n.g. as if it were a word

haha pahnug all the way!

I pronounce it "JJAAAAAAYYYYY EIIIIIII EFFFFFFFFF" oh wait no, I pronounce it like GIF.

To end the fight once and for all, here it is, from the mouth of the GIF's creator.  The way to pronounce it is at the bottom of the article.

Yeah, gif as "jiff" just makes more sense to me  :P