The R9 270X

Hi guys.

I was hoping people out there with an overclocked R9 270X could share their results/experiences with me please? I'm trying to get a better understanding of what these cards can clock to.


I currently have a Sapphire 270X 4GB OC clocked at 1100/1500 with +20% power enabled, stock voltage it reaches a peak of 69c when running 3DMark11.


I don't want to push it much further at this stage as I have a 550w power supply and a 4670k at 4.2ghz.


My main question is am I likely to get much more if I change power supplies in the future and push more volts for a higher core clock?

Your PSU is more than enough to overclock more. Your system is most likely consuming only 3-400w

Your psu will have 0% impact on your oc. What you can push your card to depends on the card itself - ie ASIC quality etc. If you want to know how good of a chip you have. GPU-Z then right click the little icon in the upper left hand corner then go down to Read ASIC quality. Anything over 70 is imho a decent chip and should oc pretty good. In that case oc the core as much as you're comfortable (volts and temp wise) then oc the ram just a bit as it is the weakest link in terms of longevity of a card.

Thanks guys. I was concerned I would be pushing close to my PSU's 550w as the card apparently requires a 500w PSU (obviously it will never use that much) but I do have the AIO water cooling unit as well.


I use CPUz and Hardware Monitor alongside prime95 for my CPU overclock, I might grab MSI afterburner (to add more volts) and GPUz tonight - see how it goes.

I am running my MSI R9 270 at 1100 clock 1600 memory frequency with my A8-6600K overclocked to 4.6 GHz with bumped 0.042V from stock with a CX430M. Its been running like this for about a month with about 16 hours a day on time and about 6-8 of those are gaming.

Nice work mate