The predominant colour in TES IV: Oblivion's palette? G910 Orion Spark talk (RGB Keyboards)

I wanted to ask other gamers what they believe is the predominant colour - not necessarily in the game itself - but even in the branding, or anywhere really for TESIV: Oblivion.

Why do I ask? Because I love using my G910 Orion Spark’s profile feature. I seem to be able to know the dominant colour in every game I play when I go to create custom keyboard profile for it.

What would you say that colour is for Oblivion? The off-white colour of the menus simulating paper? Or the deep, demonic and magical reds of Oblivion? Or the green that dominates most of the Cyrodiilic landscape in the form of forests?

For Skyrim, it was pretty easy. An icy blue.

What about Oblivion?


That is a very challenging question. I think I would go with the green one.

The main quest usually feels more like an side story in the whole play-trough. So the red colour would be more of an character based choice for me. Like if I was playing an assassin.

The off-white paper colour for me is definitely the first colour that comes to mind when thinking Oblivion. Still as you said in the world itself the paper colour isn’t used as much as the green one is. Besides based on your Skyrim colour you are going more for the immersive colour than the marketing colour.

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Oblivion? Imagine the most boring kind of beige you can.

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This is the first thing that came to mind all right. If it can do per key maybe with a dark patch in the middle of the board like for the logo.

Though now you mention it the red and brown might be a good shout for the main colour. Never even thought about green forest but could totally see it when I read it.

blue because bluescreen

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I’ll be honest here.

A hazy Brown, like old paper. But mostly really dull and matte.

Everything else was just too… varied? Or dull? honestly.

The only other that comes to mind is the red - silver color on the logo.

It is a buggy PIECE OF SHIT, though… No one can deny or defend against this.

Oblivion… and mods. Is like the polar opposite of Skyrim and mods. Even in the WORST Skyrim situations when modding pale in comparison to Oblivion mod issues.

Usually end in FML situations when modding.

GG, Bethesda.

But i’m leaning more towards the beige/off-white of the menus.

Green is like red in gaming hardware. Usually green says “alien, high-tech”. And most gaming keyboards, if they only are one colour, are red. Black and red. Gaming monitors… black and red.

Black and red. A 120Hz gaming panel? Black and red. A case? Black and red.

We’re designing a new gaming mouse… how about… err. Black and red!

Obviously, the color of the hair of the adoring fan.




I… actually set it to yellow/off-white.

Oh, my.

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Pics? Did it work? Does it look good?

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I googled to see if there was a name for the color of old papyrus paper but apparently not. That’s probably what it is though.

Well. It DOES look good. But just not from my 7 year old HTC phone’s camera…

The yellow is nice and subtle. It’s basically a yellow tint. I love my G910. It really should have been designed better for cleaning and maintenance. I do however, HATE that dumbass strip on the bottom. All kinds of shit gets stuck in there. And it’s annoying.

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Cool. And I totally understand the old HTC camera thing. Had a second hand One M7 for a while there. Looks good.

That’s miles ahead of my HTC Sensation tho. Hah. No comparison.

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Looks better than the One M7s camera. by miles.

? Impossible. It’s older. By miles. :joy:

The thing’s a dinosaur.