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The POWER and PowerPC General Discussion / News Thread



lol did I srsly get @stenstorp and @torpcoms mixed up.

What the fuck am I doing with myself.


I have an RX 580 in it right now. It’s pretty usable on little endian kernels with a few patches.


Ew what about Big Endian?


The Talos wiki lists a few GPUs that work in BE mode (the integrated VGA one does too), but unfortunately polaris AMD GPUs don’t. I think there is some work to port the polaris drivers to BE but at this point I don’t think it’s usable.


Sweet. Pie in the sky, but it would be nice to have a big endian port as well; I think OpenBSD people had mentioned that having both endian types supported has helped them find bugs in the past.

If you are willing to live dangerously, it looks like the special dev systems are still in stock. It’s a discounted lite system combined with the pre-release 4-core silicon (DD2.1 stepping).

Be aware that the Lite systems have only two PCIe 4.0 slots, and that special system doesn’t look like it has the option for the SAS-controller, so one of those two slots will be needed for storage.

All the Talos II chips will need to be packaged as Sforza modules; the Sforza socket is 2601-pin LGA while the other two modules use 3899-pin LGA sockets:

EDIT: this image was taken from ogawa_tter’s tweet, but the chart should be in the POWER9 Processor User’s Manual

I’m assuming the Q3 chip might be a full-yield 24-core? IBM recently announced systems (E980) using 12-core Cumulus (SMT8) chips, so my guess would be that yields are now finally sufficient for the equivalent SMT4 chip (two SMT4 cores are nearly the same silicon as one SMT8 core).

Also, I didn’t see it in this thread, but apparently at least some of the SMT8 chips in IBMs enterprise systems use the same LaGrange module/socket. Since this thread seems to like tables:

Module Nimbus (SO SMT4) <unknown> (SO SMT8) Cumulus (SU SMT8)
Sforza – LGA 2601 Yes – Ex: Talos II
Monza – LGA 3899 Yes – Ex: AC922
LaGrange – LGA 3899 Yes – Ex: Zaius Yes – Ex: S924, L922, etc.

The Cumulus chips are part of those crazy 16-socket systems that IBM makes, so they probably have a completely different module, and who knows if they need a different socket.


Small thing. For the linux projects I have going I don’t have time to come on the forum very often. I opened a telegram channel if you want to read up and you can message me here if you have questions.


The TenFourFox developer started a separate Talos-related blog at:

Sounds like something readers of this thread might be interested in.

Also, I found this on the LTT forums; apparently Dylanc1500 managed to get Portal 2 running on Power9:

I got Portal 2 to work on “my totally personal not work owned” POWER9 workstation with through Linux. It was a very rough experiment with some different drivers.




I wish I could afford a Talos and if I could, I would wait for the Talos III and have it use Power 10. I’s call my machine “To The Tenth Power” and named after one of the best tokusatsu teamups.


They are hinting towards a micro-ATX style board with one CPU:

[The OpenPOWER Summit in Amsterdam] would be our first reveal of the hardware for our next product…not ready to purchase quite yet, but you can get hands on time with the hardware and see if it meets your needs. We’re still being quiet about exactly what it is, but think … (1 CPU)

Talospace did a quick photoshop of the linked picture:

My hope for POWER10 is, that if they start using Multi-Chip Modules again (maybe using the misaligned ButterDonut mentioned by AdoredTV) it could be dramatically cheaper/likely for IBM to start making desktop or laptop size CPU modules.

There is this project:

but their current plans are to use NXP’s Power Architecture chips, which are not part of the OpenPOWER project; so I’m not sure how opensource or not the firmware situation will be.


That notebook is awesome. I talk with the guy on facebook sometimes.

Talking with the guy on LTT to learn how he made portal run. What OS, what software, etc. Kinda wondering if I’ll be able to run a linux VM in a POWER 9 or 10 box and have steam :3


@Aremis Any interesting news from your discussions with Dylanc1500?

Something I found in a different thread, the next IBM POWER chips will be made by Samsung:

IBM itself confirmed to me that it was looking at foundries other than GF for Power10, and the only three options are Intel (well, its 10 nanometer) and we all had a laugh about that, or TSMC or Samsung. It will be Samsung. Power9 and Power9′ will be on 14 nanometer or 12 nanometer.

this is a comment from the author of a The Next Platform article

I also found this on the RCS wiki page for fixes in progress by the community; Marcus Comstedt on the amd-gfx mailing list is working on getting driver for RX 550 working under POWER9 in Big Endian mode.


Found this thread on an old HackerNews thread:

[Power] ISA 3.0 adds a new instruction darn – Deliver a Random Number. That’s a pretty good asm mnemonic :slight_smile: I wonder if anyone has dug into the details of how that works yet?

Wow that’s pretty good. My other favorite mnemonic is also from PowerPC eieio - enforce in-order execution of I/O.

The thing I love about the eieio instruction is that it serves the same purpose on-chip as in the song. Sort of a sync point.

And if you use it once, you tend to use it multiple times, each with a little code.

  • Peek a value that’s MMIO
  • Poke right back into MMIO

(yes, I am abusing blockquotes to represent this, sorry)


Idc its funny




I need to start savitg for that talos my doods


i want one but im poor, all i have is this G5 with no GPU.
You have a bunch of G5s don’t you? Do you know what GPU I can get for it that will guaranteed do HWacceleration?


What G5 do you have? They have hardware limits because apple.

If it has pcie a 6600 would be great. If agp an ati 9800 would go ok. Needs to be the mac version though


AGP, i did order something on ebay at one point but the card was dead. It has a card that works, but theres no acceleration and it complains about a missing firmware package. Once I install radeon-firmware it fails to boot.


On linux or olx?