The potential of Artix and using it IRL

I think its no secret that I don’t like systemd. I want a light init system and some basic startup scripts and thats it. I actually prefer runit a lot.

Sadly, very few distro’s support runit currently, those few being Artix, Void, and maybe 1 other thats a firewall system.

Fun thing with artix though is that it allows you to tear the base out of your current system and inject a runit based os underneath. So, in that, this weekend I shall do such a thing to my manjaro installation on my T420S and report the ease or complexity of the process, as well as overall system stability afterwards.

For me, doing such a thing is beneficial for time on boot and for apps I want ran as a service rather than hing them bunged into a tty. Such as mongoose webserver or something akin to that. Clam set to rotational scan scheduling, etc. Runit gives a lot more power to a system.

Now. You can in fact have runit alongside systemd. However I see this as negative, as you gain half of the positives with runit and all the bs that systemd does. Personally if I want something like journalctl, I can add dt on my own time. As it stands however, I rarely need to look at it anymore, if ever. As well as many other features with systemd that break things or get in the way otherwdse (such as a custom vm setup and needing to start the vbox service, which systemd never wants to do for me no matter what the documentation says is correct).

So, anyways, I’ll be going through the steps for this this evening and will report back as soon as I can with findings, if I fucked it up, if it doesn’t work, all of that. As well as performance improvements and degredations, equally.

More later.