The Political Compass

I think this would be "fun" for people to partake in, and it would be awesome if Logan and "The Gang" would participate as well. All in the name of Entertainment of course, well... as entertaining as politics can get.

Here is the link;

Feel free to post your results ;)

Also I'm not trying to start any heated arguments, I would just like to know where people stand.

Thanks guys.

Economic Left/Right: -4.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.87

X- Negative 4

Y- negative 4.5 I

My preferred governmwnt system is a socialist democratic monarchy with a Parliament, I'm not a classical liberal I do believe in the death penalty and I don't believe everyone should get government aid if they can work but wont. I believe in capitalism and the free market but that their should be an standard of living that will make everyone happy. 

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