The Pixio PX247 - Is It TRULY A 144Hz, 1ms, IPS Display? | Level One Techs

Links mentioned: Pixio 24" PX247 -- Can this 24" display be as nice as the 27" displays from Pixio? IPS and 144hz 1080p? Let's take a look!

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This is a pretty interesting budget monitor.

However yeah the AOC 24G2 is pretty similarly priced,
and looking at the overall package.
I think that the AOC 24G2 is the better monitor.
Because it has a better factory calibration,
and an adjustable stand etc.

I’ve been looking around for a bit today, and I can’t find the AOC 24G2 for a similar price. Maybe a case of YT hype outpacing supply?

Well the AOC is a very popular monitor,
and often out of stock.
So maybe that might be a reason?