The People’s Code -- Unlock the Federal Government’s software
This is a truly amazing find for me and some of you here who are looking at getting on with projects or starting projects that are similiar in functionality. if this has already been posted I apologize. Although I do frequently see people with questions on what to do with code, or what projects to start. This should give you all a push n the righjt direction. There's plenty of code and plenty of fun to be had ! Cheers to all and if anyone is interested inforking or starting something just let me know !

Here you will find Open Source code for several different branches of Government in the US like;

White House for Android mobile application

  • Department of Labor / Child-Labor

no joke... A child labor code written in swift LMAO ! Apple pun

  • Department of Energy / conman
    ConMan is a serial console management program designed to support a large
    number of console devices and simultaneous users.
  • Department of Energy / bro
    Bro is a powerful framework for network analysis and security monitoring. Bro's domain-specific scripting language enables site-specific monitoring policies. Bro targets high-performance networks and is used operationally at a variety of large sites. Bro is not restricted to any particular detection approach and does not rely on traditional signatures.Bro comprehensively logs what it sees and provides a high-level archive of a network's activity. Bro comes with analyzers for many protocols, enabling high-level semantic analysis at the application layer. Bro interfaces with other applications for real-time exchange of information.
  • Department of Energy / openDCIM

An Open Source Software package for managing the infrastructure of a
data center, no matter how small or large

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau / college-costs

A tool to help students weigh the costs and rewards of a college program.

  • National Archives and Records Administration
    NARA File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester

The NARA File Analyzer Tool walks a directory tree and performs a "File Test" on each file that is encountered. The application framework allows new File Tests to be quickly developed and deployed into the application. The results of each File Test are compiled into a table that summarizes the results of the analysis.

  • National Archives and Records Administration / federalregister-api-core
    The FR 2.0 web site is similar to a daily web newspaper, with a clear layout and new tools to guide readers to the most popular topics and relevant documents. The site displays individual news sections for Money, Environment, World, Science & Technology, Business & Industry, and Health & Public Welfare.

Neat. Thanks for sharing. Will look into this more at home.

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