The optimal Skyrim set-up

Over 200 mods working in perfect unison, 50+fps (while not recording) stable, and the best assortment of content and improvements around.

Took me a very, very long time. This is just a very small sample of it. I intend to make more videos to showcase it all because I'm quite proud of all the work I put into this.

Just thought I'd share. I'll continue posting little videos like this if even one person is interested.

"Over 200 mods working in perfect unison to bring you the best experience possible in Skyrim. I get 50fps average playing, and it's better than whatever you got, and vanilla isn't even comparable."

Damn, what a douchebag.

I like this guy's better.

Looks nice, but does it play nice? I went for that at one point but then realized I would rather have substantial stuff than screenshot porn.

Looks awesome. Whats it like playing with immersive first-person? I personally only use it for the horses.

What parts do you have in your rig?

On and off. I find myself liking it less and less for combat, as I can rarely see what I'm doing, spells and weapons are off screen at this point. So I generally use it for everything outside of combat.

i7 2600k, 2 GTX 580's (evga), 16g ddr3 (1333?), and, I think, a z67 mobo, but I may be wrong off the top of my head.

I built it in 2011, before Skyrim even released.