The only reason to get Windows "Pro"

I have just got my machine for streaming and built it (post soon, not actually sure if video or not) and have to use windows 10 (some odd things with the machine being from Lenovo and they set it up to only work (well) with windows 10) and got 10 pro. The ONLY reason to buy windows 10, 8, 7, pro is that you can LOCK YOUR KEYBOARD LAYOUT.

In "Home" you can only set it on a toggle and windows arbitrarily will switch you from Dvorak to QWERTY. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF FUCK YOU IS THAT.

Fuck you Microsoft jesus fuck.


You can't put Home edition on domain.

Don't even care. Native non-qwerty shit is in pro, do not give a shit about Domains and all the office shit.

There are some additional benefits, as stated above, that come with Pro licenses. Mostly to assist with business purposes, I.E. domain inclusion, and as a result, WSUS, GPO, AD, etc.

Can't volume license a home license. There are other reasons as well to choose pro over home.

It bothers me that Microsoft puts support for more than one physical CPU in the Pro tier unlike any other OS out there which happily supports multi CPU configurations just fine at all tier levels. There's no real justifiable reason for this other than they know people who can afford such hardware will shell out the extra cash.

That and remote desktop support. That really should be a basic function of any modern OS just for support purposes. Its a good thing there are decent third party options here but really Microsoft?


The other thing with Pro is that with everything beneath it, you can't set Group Policies for anything.

Screw you Microsoft.


Sounds like a bug caused by an oversight or inadequate testing to me. I suspect there might be a way to hack it in Home Edition, but something so simple should not be necessary.

IMO Pro edition is way better than Home, support for Developer mode, Native Bash, Hyper-V, Azure Active Directory, RDP etc. means I can actually use it for work...

I think Microsoft should just offer a single non Enterprise OS that you are free to toggle between Basic and Pro modes. I guess they just see Home Edition as a lost leader thatis pretty much just given away on OEM equipment and they make money on the sale of Pro.

From time-to-time Microsoft do things to make our lives easier; today they add a load of Enterprise Edition features into Standard Edition SQL Server with the release of SP1. Very helpful - it now means there are reasons to upgrade from older versions of Standard Edition (and buy another licence for those without Software Assurance)...

Group Policy is only available in Pro and higher, not Home/OEM. That's another reason for Pro.

For 7 there's another reason : Home is limited to 16GB of RAM. ;-)

well 7 is garbage anyways so...

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The reason that i hate about having the home edition of windows 7 that i cant change my language. i was gong to install the Japanese language pack and i was looking around and i found that it was only in the pro version in windows 7 and i was pissed so i installed Linux mint and i was very happy with my decision

7 > 8.1 > 8
10...Idk what I think about 10 yet lol

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Yeah, it's only the most popular OS they ever made. The one that is still having 50% more active users as the current version even though MS tried very hard for an entire year (using all kinds of shady tactics) to force the new one onto everyone's PC. The one where you don't have to jump through dozens of hoops to stop forced updates that brick thousands of PCs every couple of months.

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The only reason people like 7 is because they went from XP to vista and 7 came out 2 years after vista like NO WHAT WE DIDN'T FUCK ANYTHING UP NOOOOOOOO and it still had god awful memory management. Still does. If you have a laptop with 4 GB of ram it will use 2.5 GB arbitrarily and 75% of your processor will be used.

8.1 is better because it is lighter, does NOT have ass memory management, and has something of a security stance.

XP is king, 2K is god.

That is the final word.


Even with 10 PRO MS is stripping features away... Can mount NFS shares on 10 PRO you must have Enterprise now. Anther reason I can't wait for Linux gaming to take over. So sick of MS BS.

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I went from XP to Win 7 Pro and thus got Win 10 Pro free.

I don't know if I require W10 Pro anymore. At the time I needed W7 Pro because I had an important program that I needed M$ XP mode for. Now I could probably do that in W10 Home using a virtual machine.

Sounds like the real problem here is that you need a better keyboard. One with some on board memory layouts and you can switch the layouts through DIP switches or a key combo. Got qwerty and Dvorak set up on my main keyboard and will have it added to my filco as well in a little.

Stuff like the Pok3r has it as well so it is not a super custom option all the time like in my case.

Edit: you can also mod boards like the CM storm boards very easily with a drop in controller board replacement, so they can have switchable layers and programmability.

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i see no reason to get win 10. and have to deal with ass loads of bugs.. constant forced updates and a locked down user experience. and telemetry on top. ( yes i know it has been back ported but i avoid those updates like the plague)

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Pro can turn most if that off. Most of those automatic restarts and things are on the home edition which is what most people have. Only Ultimate and Pro machines that got auto updated to win 10 got win 10 pro, everything else got home and that does not allow you to change the update and restart options. Pro does.

i have win 7 Ultimate and when i went to test 10 it only gave me home edition. and i dont trust the sliders. nor do i trust them not to ignore them. only thing i would trust is if they gutted it out completely and allowed my to uninstall cortana or even not come standard. with them putting telemetry into 10 enterprise i just dont trust them at all.