The OnePlus 2 invite thread

Like the last time, I created the OnePlus One invite thread, due to an overwhelming amount of users posting invite threads just for that phone. This time, I'll save the trouble for the 2. So if anyone has an invite or more that one, please post them here. As like the other thread, any other invite threads for the 2 created after this will be moved into here. I do not want to have to see anymore 10000000+ OnePlus 2 invite threads in this subforum.

So, get sharing!

Oh, you can get your invite from their site by clicking or tapping on this link.

Whoops, edit: You may also request an invite here, again, to keep everything mitigated.



I'd like an invite for OP2. I'll share the ones I get right back on this forum!


I'd love an invite,
Been waiting since january for this since my phone died.

could trade cs:go skins ? ( maybe ? )

Hello Folks,
Would love an invite.

Will put up any I get obviously.

Was anyone able to pick up this bad boy yet?


Invite would be cool :)

If given an invite via this forum I will most certainly return the favor.

Well... this is pleasant.

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My Opo's replacement screen just smashed -.-

Would love to get a OPT :)

Will re-share etc

movin on up

Each time I've checked my link, I've been moved farther and farther behind other people; started at around 285k, check the next day and I'm upto 300k, checked today and I'm at 315k in line. So yeah, I just bought a 128gb S6 today and gave up on going out of contract.

I would love an invite. I'll spread the love if I get one. <3

JW. no sd card again? Haven't read the specs but yea I think they coulda done better, from the rumored 4k display they coulda had to others. Sure it's fast but once u get a few apps on there it's slow as hell. Every google apps wants ur data and keeps being ran in background. Like Greenify and "Dungeon Link" where they use up 1% of your battery life every minute even in background.

Modifying your 1+1 sucks too cuz, if you don't have stock recovery firmware and have that modded one can't remember what's it called. You can't update your firmware through the settings. and 99% of the time if it's not a small patch ur stuck re-downloading the whole ISO/file to update again. Sometimes wiping all your data in the process sometimes not.

Just too much hassle when stock samsung phones like G6 and note 4 are more responsive in the UI and apps department. Also finally wireless feature lacking. On non-stock ROM the wireless is stuck on 150Mbps with no weakening of the signal. Also on regular stock software it's seems slow with phones it's generation (using router to detect with phones had what Tx/Rx speeds).

Nexus 5 battery is not holding much of a charge these days, if anyone has a spare invite, I'd like to try the new one plus! Thanks.

I haven't heard of anyone getting any invites yet. Also my number keeps going up and up. I started at like 1700/50,000. and now I'm this.

I'd love an invite. If any of us get one we should try to get everyone who wants one here an invite.

Since I gave up on oneplus and got an Asus zenfone 2 instead, I will be posting my invite on here for you guys to use, last I checked i was at 5k position so stay tuned I guess lol.

Would love an invite too, my padfone 2's battery is straight up terrible after 2 years.

Will of course give back if/when I get one.

I'm a old oneplus member and I have bought two oneplus ones. According to there tier system I am in tier two so I should be getting invites faster then most. I'm probably not buying the phone so I will give it away here. Maybe I will do a puzzle or question to get the invite.


I'd like an invite for the One Plus Two!!

If some one gets an invite I would like one.