The one with the better value

Hi guys!

I'm building a new rig(my first rig).Coming from consoles and i,till recently,was satisfied with what i got on them. That is no longer the case and the new gen consoles are just,meh(cameras in the living room;solid idea,that).But's that a different issue in itself. For all intents and purposes,you guys can call this a "Kill Your Console" build.

I'm in Singapore,so i don't exactly have all the stuff you guys have nor at the prices you have them at.That being said,i've come across one prebuilt Intel rig and an AMD rig that i have planned.

I already have a MSI 7950 Twin Frozr and i do intend on crossfiring at a later date when my 7950 suffers at 1080p at ultra/high-ish settings.When this will happen,i do not know.


AMD - SGD 940(SGD 890 with FX 6300)

FX 8320

Asrock 990fx Ext4

Corsair Vengeance 2x 4gb 1600mhz low profile

WD caviar blue 1TB

LiteOn CD/DVD writer

Seasonic M12ii 750W

Carbide 300R




Prebuilt Intel - SGD 833 (SGD 748 with i5 3570k)

i7 3770

MSI Z77a g43

8gb ram,unknown brand

WD caviar blue 1TB

LiteOn CD/DVD writer

Unknown case with bundled 500WPSU



I know that the intel rig is cheaper but i have no clue about the case or the PSU. I am unsure of how much extra i will have to pay for the case and PSU i want. I have a feeling it will be close to SGD 1040(SGD 970 with i5).

One more thing,since i do intend on crossfiring,the mobo in the intel build supports a second GPU at x4 speed. Would there be a significant performance loss when running in a x16 and x4 setup?I tried searching on the interwebs and i have read very conflicting opinions by many people made on a few popular forums. I'm pretty sure the OPs on those threads became as confused as i am right now. If someone could clarify this,that'd be great.

Right now,i'm leaning toward the AMD rig due to pcie speeds.The Asrock mobo in the AMD build seems great.Better features on the AMD board than the intel for the price.For one,it has two full lanes running at x16.

Lastly,would a 650W PSU be enough for two 7950s or would that be cutting it real close? I do intend on adding in a SSD and EVO 212 later to OC the CPU. I can buy some stuff off Amazon and i can get these shipped over to Singapore.Waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.Newegg is great but they don't ship to Singapore.


With all that said,which do think would be the better buy?The AMD or the intel rig? Which one seems more likely to last longer without becoming obsolete?Please do keep in mind that i do intend on crossfiring.

Thank you guys for taking the time.


PS,apologies for the long post.

the amd is better as it is unlocked and has a larger amount of cores and threads. It will run a bit hotter but it will also be supported by mantle when ever that comes into play. FOr gaming the amd build is what i would put my money in. and for the PSU  i would say it would most likely be fine but i wouldnt do it personally because i dont like my PSU running at anything over 80% draw for an extended period of time. to which will be come obsolete faster, if it is out, its obsolete, everything that is released is already old news. 

Get the AMD build.

The second slot that runs at x4 will not work, if at all, when you are crossfiring. Also, the AMD build has a QUALITY power supply that can easily handle crossfired 7950s.  The AMD motherboard has great VRMs, and can support crossfire.

Thanks for the response,guys.Appreciate it. If it's purely gaming and casual multitasking,would the 6300 suffice?I mean,i've seen that my brother likes to skype with his friends when he plays.Heck,even seen him streaming(?) his screen via skype as well.

The 6300 would suffice, but I would still go with the 8320 as AMD's cores are not the best in terms of power.  Having the 8 core CPU would last quite a bit longer, in my opinion.

Thanks,yo.AMD it is