The Official PC Exclusives Thread

Tek Syndicate wants to know what your favorite PC exclusive titles are. They can be in the days of DOS or it could even be an exclusive that isn't even released yet that you're looking forward to. This thread will help others get some ideas of great PC games and it will also guide those coming from console to PC on all that they've been missing out on.

List your favorites!

ARMA 2 OA and ARMA 3

Dwarf Fortress, and Dwarf Fortress alone.


The Witcher

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines <3

FFavorite series ever... Although I thought that the first was ported to consoles.


Sooooo many awesome games to choose from, and also there are a lot of awesome indie titles as well. I guess my favourite would be Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Minesweeper :P (not the second one).


Asheron's Call, Unreal Tournament 3, Ultima 7, The Elder Scrolls 3 + 4 + 5, CubeWorld (he is working on a Mac port, though), The Binding of Isaac, and a lot of the Simbin Racing Games like Race 07.

We definitely need some good driving simulators because the only good ones are monopolized on consoles, and there is literally ONE acceptable one on PC that is subscription based (iRacing). It takes a lot of money to make an accurate simulator, and nobody wants to share their data for building tracks to scale.

Something like Metal Gear Solid would definitely be a good idea for an Indie game.

Currently ROTT, and Chivalry. Most of the other games I've really enjoyed over the past few years aren't PC exclusive.

Bastion! I think that's PC exclusive.

xbox market place

I just played that a few minutes ago but its on xbox...

My favorite pc exclusives are Chivalry, and Super House Of Dead Ninja's.

Primordia and Mr Pibb the 3D interactive game

Either chivalry or Counterstrike.

Chivalry is pretty fun when I get to play it, and Killing floor but I haven't played that in forever.

lego Bionicle mata Nui and mata Nui II point and click adventure game

I'll think of some in a bit

World of Tanks