The Oculus Rift, Thoughts?

Stumbled a crossed this awhile back and thought that it was really interesting. I did not see anything about it on here, thought I would toss it out there and see what you all think.

I think this would be amazing to game with, I also think that this has the potential to change a lot not just in the gaming industry.


I wouldn't be interested without the testimonies from Carmack / Gabe... Will be quite interesting to see how it turns out anyway.

here's the kickstarter page:

Has the statute of limitations passed on this thread? Should I start a fresh Oculus Rift thread?

Short version of my thoughts on the Rift: I have no interest in 3D displays, they're too costly in terms of money and performance. A head-mounted display with good motion tracking changes that completely. This is how I want 3D to work and I'm pretty excited about this.