The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities


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Some documents




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What would make a normal person care about this?

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This story just became HUGE!
Great find!

Who posts entire stories on twitter that’s just nuts.

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I grant the scope is a bit wider with this but… We knew about this for a while right? The att room 641A. Not a huge leap to placing one in key buildings around the states.


Isn’t it literally their job?


Yup, google “narus insight”.

you may need to use the wayback machine or whatever.

Narus put out a product specifically aimed at co-location in telcos that basically aggregated data and stored it in an indexed database for voice, sms, email, etc. You could cross-search across all media by user…

Back in the 90s.

This isn’t tin-foil, this is documented and previously “for general sale” off the shelf software. Narus’ home-page is no longer available, but up until the early 2000s you could browse the product capabilities, etc. it was quite eye opening.

Who knows what they’re doing now… but i suspect it’s a case of having many collection nodes in strategic locations (e.g., as per the OP) simply piping data back to the NSA data wharehouses (encrypted or not) for future analysis. i.e., if your metadata indicates you’re a person of interest, they brute force or otherwise (via encryption backdoor) break your cryto and look at what’s there.

e.g. (random link)

The NSA calls this predicament “home field advantage” – a kind of geographic good fortune. “A target’s phone call, email, or chat will take the cheapest path, not the physically most direct path,” one agency document explains. “Your target’s communications could easily be flowing into and through the U.S.”

Wonder if this means they encourage / subsidize US-based parties to keep prices low.

You reminded me

“data caps”


NSA spying on US citizens? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

Fuckin’ hilarious.

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I wonder what about one’s metadata makes them interesting to the NSA

I swear we’ve already know about these sites for quite a while now. (2013)

Google Room 641A

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I knew Chicago would be on here. We are quite high tech when it comes to this sort of spying thing.

ive always wondered why at&t buildings look like gov buildings…

Where you are and who else is in the same location (among other things, such as your call history, etc.).

Your data can be encrypted as much as you like, your cell signal (or IP address, etc.) is easily located; your carrier knows pretty much exactly where you are - and if they’re sharing that info with the NSA, then…

e.g., if i am frequently in the same location as a known “bad guy” then maybe i associate with them and should be investigated.

Chicago got it goin on, high tech spying, oppressive yet incredibly corrupt legislative bodies and a police force hell-bent on one upping the corruption in the legislature.

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It should be considered a sport at this point.

2018 olymipcs

They are turning on their own by the numbers. lol’s. The mental hysteria is rampant whilst I read Shakespeare.