The new iPad or the Nexus 7?

I'm looking into getting a tablet, this will be my first tablet and I was almost set on the new iPad (I have an iPhone so I can use all my purchased apps, that why I chose the iPad) but then I seen some reviews/videos on the Google Nexus 7 and I think it looks pretty good.

I have never owned an Android device so it would be a whole new learning curve getting used to the controls, menus etc... Which I am prepared to deal with and I like how open Android is with lots of free apps from what I have heard from friends.

The problem is though I already have allot of apps purchased on my iPhone which I won't be able to use on the Nexus. This and the fact that I wanted a bigger display and more than 16gb of storage (plan on going for the 32gb iPad if I choose the iPad) is why I chose the iPad as an option.

Uses: surfing the web, youtube, email, books, games/apps, taking notes in class, movies, music, etc...

So basically what are your opinions? Which one am I better off going for?

Well i pre-ordered a nexus 7, so once i've got it i can give you my personal oppinion but it sounds like you're already leaning towards the ipad.

Yeah I am leaning more towards the iPad just based on the fact that I have quite a few apps purchased from the iTunes App Store, I would still like to hear what your opinions are on the Nexus as I wont be making a purchase for another week or two.

okay, will do. Really i think it all comes down to the screen size and storage though. 7 inches is perfect for me because it's the best size (in my oppinion) for media consumption and specifically books. 10 inches is just a bit too big to read with one hand.


I've also been setting everything up to work over the internet rather than storage. All my music is on google music and my phone because the tube (london underground) doesn't have any reception.

I also set up my tv and films to stream over plex which i set up to even work with 3g/4g if i tether the tablet to my phone.

Yeah, for me I will be using more physical storage over cloud based storage as I wont be using my phone as a tether, I will just use the Wifi at my Uni, shops, etc... If the 3g version of the iPad wasn't so expensive + the data plans I would consider it but I can't justify the price when I can have all my media on physical storage.

As for screen size, I am going to try them both in a shop first and see how they feel, the size may be the deciding factor if the iPad is huge and uncomfortable.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

Why would you ever buy an Apple device of your own free will? This shouldn't even be a question, go with an Android Tablet for content consumption or a Win 7 tablet for productivity.

wait and get surface

Well for one the nexus 7 is cheaper compared to the way over priced Ipad. The Nexus 7 is smaller more compact and seems to be fluid and responsive from what i seen on the Phone Dog review. It comes with jellybean and since its a google device no bloatware and updates will be more fluid then not buying a google device. Another thing you won't be locked into content like you will be with a Ipad and could load whatever you want as far as music and movies go. I currently use a HP touchpad because i got it for $50.00 running Cynogen mod with ICS and it runs fluid for what i use it for. So its just on you and what you wana spend and your personal taste.

If you're into media/audio then the ipad. I say this because the ipad will work in majority of cars with an aftermarket stereo with the usb. Ipads have usb audio out and I doubt the google tablets will have that. Yes you can use bluetooth but most likely you'll be ending up inserting the usb plug in it anyway to charge it. Android and Apple are somewhat exactly the same for me so whatever works with the other electronics I have then I'll go with that product. I only use my android phone for twitter, and some other apps that are all on the apple service. Plus I believe apple has a better apps then android which I like to watch. So again apple has my buy. Android jtv you can only stream and watch the chat. Apple you can watch streams on jtv and chat as well and idk about streaming yourself like android. 

I just got my nexus 7, let me know if there is anything you want me to check out for you. 

How is the build quality?

How does it feel in the hand, is it easy to hold/use single handed?

Is the keyboard a good size for taking notes in class?

How is the apps, books, etc... Selection from Google?

Finally, are you enjoying using it so far? Anything that you already hate/love?

The build quality is really good, it's weighty but not to heavy. One thing i've noticed is apart from the screen quality being excellent, the blues can look a little washed out which is a shame.

Taking notes on it is possible but all the nexus 7 really did was re-affirm my belief that tablets aren't suitable for long term note taking or document creation. You'd better better off with a netbook/ultrabook. It's fine if you were taking notes for say 5-10 minutes but any more than that and i think you'd soon get fed up with it. If you've used the ipad and think it's okay for note taking then you'd find the nexus 7 the same. 

My film and book selection is limited to the U.K. play store, but the book selection is pretty good. It is no where near as in depth as say the kindle book store but you can install the kindle app on it so there isn't too much of an issue there. The film selection is weak mind you, and this is more than likely down to being in the U.K. 

Overall it's a quality device, jelly bean is just fantastic and all apps run incredible well on it. FPSE (a psx emulator) runs so nicely on it, everything looks incredible. Surfing the web on it is a pleasure, it is incredibly fast and scrolls perfectly (thanks "butter"). Photoshop touch runs on it very well but at the moment you can't buy it from the google play store because it isn't optomised for a 7 inch device so i'll let you put two and two together on how i managed to grab an apk. 

The one thing I can say is I recommend this over an ipad, and not because it is better but because i prefer the 7 inch form factor so much. The choice really is that, which would you prefer? A 10 inch device or a 7 inch?

Let me know if you want to know anything else.