The new Firefox Browser... Who's running it? Is it worth the upgrade?

So i've been earing that the new Nightly Firefox Browser is pretty cool, fast and fresh. Who here is running it? Did you compile from source? Is it Nightly or Developer / Beta ? Post your feelings below ! Help me decide

I'm on 53 on linux. I'm thinking about reverting to 52 or further because of performance regressions in the UI.

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I've heard it was so fast and solid, Hmmm.. Make me wonder if I should switch

works fine, I use it on everything.

Might want Qupzilla or the openSuse integration fork if you use LXQT, KDE or lumina though.

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Same. Go ahead and use it.

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  1. Seems fast. But then again, fresh installations are always fast, especially with Chrome and FF and only down the road do the start feeling sluggish.
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Heard 54 had some performance improvements. 52 is good too though, extended support release as well.

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Using 54.0.1 x64

Works well enough, plugins can make it bog down a bit (as you would expect TBH) cant say it feels any faster or slower than the previous few versions. ver 51 was the only one I had performance issues with

I'm surprisingly enough liking that Nightly and there is no notable difference between Nightly & Chrome speeds

Test arrowing imgur and manga, it kinda shows it there if its shitty like the pages dont instantly appear or its partially loading in chunks, aaand this is not that

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Apparently I'm on 54.0.1 32-bit. Can't say I've noticed any increase or decrease in performance.Never had any issues with that TBH.

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I have waited moment like this since Vista happened, its time to terminate Chrome


I'm using version 54 (64-bit) on Linux and it feels a bit quicker than on 53 but I can't say how much faster a fresh install would be since I am using a lot of addons. :wink:
What I can say is that the multi-threading is noticeable when one tab is causing 100% CPU load. Other tabs are still responsive and nearly as fast as usual.

And to answer the original question: if you were using 53 (or older) before, I don't see a reason why you shouldn't upgrade. Maybe checking the compatibility of your addons, if you're using some exotic ones might be a good idea, but it was a smooth transition for me.

I hope we are not gonna get the new ugly GUI on FF 58. There was a thread on r/linux where Mozilla was trying to come up with new UI design and god it was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It looked very similar to Edge. Search bar was removed. And back button became nothing but a pencil drown arrow.

I don't think you can dumb it down any further than that.

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Would be nice if they added the option to remove the title bar similar to chrome/ium.

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Lol, Firefox.
may or may not be using firefox

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Yes that is a very useful option I used in Chromium.

Try HTitle:

It's meant for GNOME 3, but works with (some) other DEs as well


Running 54.0.1. Is good. I don't notice it, so it's doing its job.

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I use this:

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Nightly 56.0a1 (64-bit)
Works perfectly for everything I'm doing so far.

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