The never ending AMD vs Intel debate. Help?

Alright everyone here is another thread where we face the never ending debacle of intel or amd. I am upgrading my pc for battlefield 4 and just ordered a gtx 760 OC edition graphics card and am concered that my AMD a8 5600k processor will bottleneck it and i will be left with bad FPS. now im not posting this to hear fanboys battle back and forth iv seen some very impressive benchmarks in the three cpu's im considering and would like some unbiased opinons on what i should do. 

The three processors im considereing are:

AMD fx 8350 

Intel core i5 3750k

Intel core i7 3770K

Price is not an issue between the three im just looking for pure gaming performance and perhaps a little  video editing here and there but mostly gaming. im looking for overall computing power and longevity. Please post some replies with testimonies or benchmarks not just what you have heard online (i can do that myself). thanks for taking the time to read this!



The A8 will bottleneck the 760 somewhat. You can use the A8 in the meantime.

If you can afford the 3770k or the 4770k, it will kick the crap out of just about any "consumer" processor, at any given task. Downside is, is probably more expensive than it is really worth. Especially in your position.

The 8350 offers quite a lot at its price point, and at times, it can rival the i7's productivity. Certainly its gaming performance. At this point, I wouldn't recommend the i5. However, the i5 is a good processor, but the AMD option is a better, "rounded" option.

Up to you if you want to spend extra on the i7. I would consider the i7 if you do a lot of editing. But the 8350 is still great for editing. The i5 is still appropriate for editing.

esentially i cheaped out my first build because i read around that an a8 is comparable to an i5 (was a newbie) and fell for the hype because the price of the a8 was so enticing. i do not want to make the same mistake and if it means spending the extra 50 dollers for better performance from an i7 to an i5 IMO that is worth it. that being said im not an intel fanboy and have heard good things about the 8350 but isnt the 8350 an old chip??


The i7 doesn't see much difference in gaming performance, in comparison to the i5. Sometimes an i5 can beat an i7 in a gaming benchmark. At least, that's how things stand at this time. It might be a suitable option for next-gen games, which are starting to utilise more cores.

The i7 is a productivity chip, which will perform rendering tasks much faster than the i5 and the 8350. The 8350 falls somewhere in between when it comes to editing.

So the 8350 would be the best of both worlds, and it is considerably cheaper than the i7.

It doesn't matter if something is old. The Phenom, which is even older, is still widely used in gaming systems. Intel happen to have a tick-tock strategy. Where they release new processors every year. And to be honest, it really isn't necessary for them to do that.

I would say what you can get the best deal on I know Microcenter stores have really good prices on processors mainly intel I got my i7 for $250 from there if you can score a deal like that i7 all the way. Otherwise if you are going to buy form newegg or something the fx8350 I think is the best value for mid-high end gaming computers right now.

i5 vs i7 for gaming is moot. i7 has the same performance except the addition of hyperthreading which benifets in other applications such as rendering, etc. $100 for 1-3 fps more is a bad deal when that could be stepping your GPU tier up a ton.

so what im hearing from most of this is that 8350 would be the best choice as of right now? i also plan on getting another 760 and sli them both, with this affect the decision at all?


It depends entirely on you. For gaming alone, and some editing, the 8350 is a very appropriate price. The i7 would be better if you intended to use your system for a good amount of productive applications.

3770K is the fastest. 8350 is middle. 3570K is low end.

I recommend a 660ti, or a GTX 670. Both of those will have more CUDA cores. The 670 has a bigger memory bus.

And that means: If money don't matter, get the 3770K. If it does: Get the 8350.