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The most L1T trap track ever


I don’t think you can get much danker…


So a random beat and smoke effect over a looping gif of wendell



why just why. if you did it good work but still why.


So random its not even funny…


OP, I feel like there are better ways to advertise your music/remix channel?

As-is I feel like this could be merged into the Lounge or something.


fun but concocted stuff for Qain.

epic thread of fun :slight_smile:


It kinda has a Harry Potter/1920’s vibe to it, I think.

BTW, what font is that?

It’s gucci-lit fam


lol weakest trap track ever.


Not the kind of trap I was expecting.


the font is called “Aku & Kamu”


Thank you!

:+1: :1st_place_medal:


Needs airhorns and modulated sound clips of Wendell.


That smoke seriously looks like there could be a fire, until it’s obvious at 1:07 that it’s a smoke machine blowing out-of-frame. You could use this as your “technical difficulties” card.


I was expecting a tarp.


Next time :wink:


ackhually its a beat made by me and well not a gif… a looping video clip


@arty_knots I dabble in remixes myself from time to time, and follow the electronic music scene, I do concur that this qualifies as a dank beat, well done.


dank you very much