The Most Gorgeous Amps and DACs

I am always looking at the massive world of amps and DACs for new, amazing sounding products, but also, for new designs and aesthetic choices. A lot of creativity and design goes into these products, but aesthetics aren't always the prime deciding factor. What is the most gorgeous amp, DAC, or amp/DAC combo?

I would say it has to be the WooAudio WA7 "Firefly" in silver.



For me, nothing comes close to anything produced by Schiit in terms of aesthetics.


Nothing is more beautiful than simplicity and efficiency.

Meh, cerwin vega has dirty sound. 

I'm more impressed by a prima luna integrated amp with built in phono stage

I live in a neighborhood where 2000 watts would get me hung. Lol

 Who needs 2000 watts anyway, are you throwing a rave or a concert at your house?