The Most Beautiful Game

Greeting from merry old England, I love the show.

On your recomendation I've just bought a Shimian and it's all so bloody beautiful. Just wondered what, in your opinion is the most visually appealing game you've played. Not neccesarily the most graphically impressive but just the game thats made your eyballs smile the most.


Mark aka onionsonstilts

Trine 2 is a very beautiful game. Mirror's Edge would probably look eyebogglingly good on your monitor. There's just something about Mirror's Edge, it's not the most graphically impressive game, but as you said, it just looks beautiful. I think it's the clean atmosphere and dazzling lighting.

Coming to think of it actually, I must install that masterpiece of a game and play it again for the 15 millionth time.

Everyone is gonna post this but I would say Skyrim, I have spent time just watching the camera circle, eveything in that game looks amazing, especially with the HD texture packs and water mods. 

Try Far Cry 3 crank it upto high and see, try metro last light or 2033 :)

Crysis is my pick. Beat Hazard and Audiosurf