The modern internet, 3rd world nation, and money values

hi guys.  i  live in indonesia (and so, i'm sorry IF my english is horrifiying)

skip to the bottom if you feel to lazy to read with all the new consoles stuff, how it connects to the internet, how much the pricing is. etc not just consoles, newer games for PC, i think that will have DRM eventually . whether we like it or not.


 we in the 3rd world nation is still strugling to even have an internet connection.

i'm one of the lucky kids that have an 200 KBps unlimited bandwitdh connection. other guys, mostly, have slightly more speed, but VERY limited bandwitdh, or MUCH slower speed, AND limited bandwitdh (i think around 80% ISP here, is giving bandwitdh limit)  but even that comes with hefty prices. (my parents paying around 45$ per month, and for reference, a fresh first degree graduates paycheck is around 250-350$) the only places with decent speed connection is either high class college, or big enterprises/companies that's not all. our money value is so low here, think about far cry 3 that used to cost around 70$...... we can barely afford anything you guys in the US consider "meh, not so pricey" stuff..

we can barely afford a original games (yes, i do often downloads pirated games, ane before you say anything about piracy, read the text above), even if we can afford original games, what about the consoles. OK well. some people can afford that too, but the internet conection here, is too slow, a 3MBps speed, cost around 300$ per month here. and not everyone can afford nonstop internet connection. some just have to turn their modem on, only when needed, hence the limited bandwitdh.

here my real question.

moving forward, means leaving us in the 3rd world behind and because our money value is so low, we can barely afford anything and our internet is so limited, not everyone can stay connected to the internet nonstop. so leaving us behind, means leaving a huge market for those big companies products. (google up, indonesia is the 4th most populated nation in the world) 

what is your opinion about this???



and then there's some news. google is planning to give people in Africa and South East Asia, a massive free wi-fi? by using air balloon, and transmitting the signal in the TV channel frequency, so 1 wifi connection can cover up to tens of Kilometres (we use metric here). and please correct me if i'm wrong about this news.

(LOL i typed this part before i watched tek 60, and now i've watched it, i feel so......... ashamed and speechless.)

anyway, your own opinion about this too please :D

If we are to ever progress as a united society, one world, and not frugal attempts at nationality, then we need to utilize the massive excess we have in countries, such as America, Canada, Western Europe, and some of the Eastern Asian countries, and distribute the wealth, food, energy, and basic ammenities that we are literally throwing away. Moving on does not include leaving 3rd world countires behind; we'll only be able to move on if we have you guys coming with us.

That aside, internet access is very tricky. If you do run a line directly through to whatever town, city, etc. that you are living in, then it is likely, no offense to you or your culture, that it could be torn down for the copper, to trade, sell, etc., or simply destoryed in warfare. I know Indonesia isn't nearly as bad as the Middle Eastern states in uprising, which is a completely different argument, but it is the sad truth of poverty that drives people to extreme lengths. The distribution of internet connection can unify us, and break down cultural, social, and physical barriers, but so many of our politicians are fighting to lock it down, and take away our freedoms on it. We are seeing the end of the free internet, sadly; if we don't stop it, then we will need a new system, and unregulated, "back-door" neo-interent. Connecting more of the world to the internet is only going to grow our numbers in the fight against government control over the internet, however. You seem like the kind of person who realizes that the government does not rule of over people, they rule over the government. Any other system is not a government to invest your support it; that is a slavery, not a freedom.

Money has no "value." Just like time, we imply the worth of these scraps of cloth, coins, and such based on a real object, usually. In America, that was the gold supply, but Nixon did away with the last remnants of the gold-backed dollar years ago. Now, the US dollar is literally "worthless," as all currencies are, simply backed by our ideas of worth. It is unncessary, and pointless, to have a currency like this, a currency with no "support" or "backbone," that doesn't represent an actual rare, and inherently valuable object, like gold. My feelings towards currency are harsh, yes, but I see no reason to wave these scraps around and feel powerful over cloth and ink.


Look at the bright side. At least you're not as backwards as the US. You use the metric system. XD


wow, my english is so bad, i read it like 5 x, and still dont fully understand it.



anyway. it's actually worst than that, and it's already happening for some time.

in Papua, the eastest island on indonesia, have a huge amount of gold. and until today, there's a huge gold mining industry there, from the US(i forgot the name), and from i hear, we are supplying at least more than 45% of the gold going into America. yet, Papua is one of the most left behind in indonesia. and, about warfare, that's possible, but internally, because papua is so left behind, there's a group in papua, that's trying to release themselves from indonesia, because they feel our government is leaving them behind on purpose.


about the freedom, you hit the spot.

that's why i like organisation like the 'anonymous', they fight for internet freedom. (altough sometimes, somehow, i don't always like how they work)


money has no real "value". it is just an image/ideas we all have, i do realise that. but still, we can't continue living without it, because everyone else is already too attached to it. we need it no matter what anyone says, and for us to use it for something that is not from local cities (except china) is expensive.

our money(ideas) value compared, to other types of money is low, we need a lot of ours, to get a little bit of those higher value "ideas". and this is also limiting the expansion of internet here.


well because.

we need internet, and internet needs infrastucture, we can't make them yet, so we buy, but it's expensive, so it finally come to limited infastructure, and causing limited internet services


i got nothing againts this

If you don’t mind I’d like to jump in the sadness bandwagon:

Here in Argentina internet access is really bad as well, both in prices and service. But what’s even worse is the cost and availability of decent hardware. Every single thing you guys can buy (or not) in the US costs more than double here. The worst part is that even IF you manage to get a little fortune to actually buy some component, it is just not possible. There is no mid-range to hi-range hardware. Since almost no-one can afford that, there is no market for the companies here. So decent hardware does not make the trip this far.

Just for perspective:

An SSD like the Samsung 840 Pro 128GB (Box) is listed in the Samsung’s Site (US) at U$S 150 and in good retailer in California is listed at U$S 125. That exact same component is here at U$S 287 for the Bulk version, so no warranty, probably a refurbished product, etc. That’s just insane. Even if I were rich, I wouldn’t buy anything here, it’s just outrageous.

Core i-5, i-7? Forget about it. That’s science fiction here for the low and mid working class citizen.

An Intel 3770K has a price tag of U$S 520 here. You guys in the US can get it for around U$S 350. That’s also a lot of money in both cases, but I think the latter is still within reach if you manage to save for some time. (Let’s not forget the fact that one has to get all the other necessary components to build a decent pc). I don’t want the latest and brightest, far from it. These are just some examples.

And when you look for better hardware and capacities, the gap widens, sometimes proportionally, sometimes exponentially.

All the different cases, motherboards and the like the people in the US and Canada are used to seeing, being able to buy them or not, all that is just fantasy here. 99% of the cases and PSU’s are boxes of the cheapest metal and components. And that’s of course sold as premium hardware.

When I see that you could really assemble a great gaming rig for around U$S 1200 over there, still a lot of money, but with that same amount here I can hardly get a CPU and a decent mid range PSU. That’s it. So I need around U$S 6.000 for the exact same machine you guys can get for 1200. Just impossible. (Here having U$S 6000 is the equivalent for you up there of having U$S 60.000, the ratio is pretty much 1 to 10.

Anyway, to end on a good note, and now I’m mostly talking to you koolkeikei, my fellow poor man with whom I share the commodities of this wonderful third world, I say to you:

Fear not, we can still get our hands on a cheap Sempron (or Celeron), the cheapest of asrock mobos with amazing onboard VIA graphics (256MB of shared RAM), stick 2 Gigs of the best value Ram (LOL), throw in some lightweight GNU/Linux Distro, and surf the shit out of the interweb.

And for games, well… minesweeper is always there, isn’t it?

PS: I still have, and often use my beloved Pentium III, 512 of the fastest PC133 Mhz SIMM DRAM memory, 20GB HDD, and my glorious Voodoo 3 3000 AGP4x 16MB of VRAM.

I can play Battlefield 3 @ 0.000000001 FPS :D but still kicks mayor ass :}

well. top-end hardware has almost no market here as well, some people who are itching to get them usually decide to import it overseas. (which usually takes form around 2 week and 3 months, depending on what you ordered)


and as for the price, well, it's not as terrible there, we only got it around 20-50 $ more expensive than from the US. and almost no one, is going to buy cases more expensive than 100$.

the cheapest one around is slightly less than 9$.


so for the PC hardware alone, it's not THAT horrible. the internet infrastructure is.


on the bright side, at least argentina has good reputation in soccer, right?


for us? our land. our land is tropical, our land is beautiful, our land is simply wonderful, ourland is also rich, whether it is, coal, mining ore, raw oil, everything. even when cut-off from the world, it's like we have our own world here. well that's the land. not the people, we have just starting out.

indie game developer have been ever so slowly but steadily rising lately. and a person from indonesia actually in the team that makes Assasin creed series. and an actor played in fast and furious 6, an actor from the film "the RAID" if you watched it. we started making our own cars. (a university successfully built a prototype of a sport electric car, but when the head of the ministry of transportation tried it on a touring, he crashed it. huft.....)


Living in South Africa

I have uncapped unshaped internet for around $40 a month its 2.5Mb Symmetrical I only have this because I lucked into a trial with one of our SP's and they decided to leave everyone on the trial running indefinately. Normaly a line like that would cost betwen 70 to 100 dollars. We largely run on ADSL and yes you can get a 4 meg line uncapped for around 50 it is usually heavily shaped.  Cable theft is a major burden on our infrastructure as we largely run last mile copper which is a bonanza to the criminals and some friends suffer outages at least once a month as a result of theft. The same with the Power.

So I think brennanriddell has the right of it there needs to be a social will driving the bottom feeding poloticians to engineer this kind of change. Knowlege is power and if everyone had a gateway to knowlege, AKA the internet. it means more individual power and less political control. Its not that the firstworld is leaving us behing its just that those in power fear it. Fear thier inpending obsolecence and will do everything they can to prevent thier loss of control.

I reakon with todays technology we could design a computer system to do the job of the beaurocrat just minus the weak organic bit that gets in the way of efficient government.