The microphone volume automatically drops to 9/100

Hello guys,

since few days my microphone volume automatically drops down to 9/100 so i always have to set it back to 70+ few times per day. I've been checking windows audio settings and sound card software but without any results. Interesting thing is, that it is not dropping down slowly but immediately to 9 and it doesn't matter how loud i am talking. I even turned the sound card software, skype and other programms off, but nothing happens.

I am using Sennheiser Game One (Headset), Windows 7 (64) and Asus Gonar DG. Can anyone help me?

Control Panel > Sound > Recording > Right click on your mic and click properties > Advanced tab > and uncheck the boxes that give exclusive control.

That worked for me with skype, maybe it'll do the same for you.

Thank you, but i unchecked both boxes in Advanced tab and it didnt help me, its still going down to 9% volume

Hmm, could be a driver issue with the Xonar. Did you also have the same issue with the onboard audio?

i tried out, same issue with onboard audio :( any ideas?

In your sound options under communications, try clicking the "Do nothing" option.

it is already set to off. Is there any chance that the headphones are responsible for it although there is no software for them?